Wednesday 16 March 2011

The Expansion Is Nearing!

So, the time is coming upon us!

Most people will soon be seeing the Get Enormous Homestead around their plot teasing us for the new stuff on it's way!

Clicking on the border brings up this popup offering early sale...

There's still no release date and for 185 Horseshoes I can only think it's going to be at least another week, possibly two or more, before we all get it for free, folks won't want to pay that out and then everyone else gets it tomorrow! The repercussions would be immense so I'm guessing most of us will still be waiting some time for it.

As we can see, it's definitely two tiles along two sides and, just like all previous expansions, there are some nice little goodies to be had!

This time as the plotline involves wild animals we get a rock formation with a wild little cave in one corner! Not sure I want to guess what those eyes belong to...

There are also a number of collectibles crates, two Mystery Animals and a Big Chest full of exciting stuff to be had once the Expansion is completed (We believe the chest will hold rare and/or discontinued decorations and other items).

Want to know what you'll need to do for it?

Take a look HERE for the missions, HERE for a rundown of the required resources and HERE for a list of what will be obtainable from Care Packages through the missions.