Thursday 27 March 2014

Geezer for Guvnor...

Oh boy... Government is coming to the Frontier!

Yes, just when you thought life was easy, here comes the lawmakers wanting to make our little town part of the establishment...

So, what do we need? We need a grey haired old man who's adept at rambling on for hours, sleeping with his eyes open and managing not to achieve anything.

Oi, Jack! We've got the perfect job for you... except there's another guy on the horizon, and this one looks like trouble...

Oh look, it's popup time!

That will kick off a five mission thread, one wrapper and, of course a Monday mission (all details HERE) and, depending on which you'd prefer, a four step build, or four one step builds... (all details HERE).

That's because we have five items to place during these missions, although they can be stored away when not being used. four are built...

...and one is placed and used for a special reason.

So, what's that special reason? Well, we're going to have another Community Collection for up to 75 Horseshoes!

So, what are we collecting? Well, you'll be delighted to hear there's lots of ways to get the Jack's Votes and Pro-Jack Petitions (which count as 5 votes).

Jack's Votes come from Healing Stuffed Ballot Boxes and Nasty Campaign Posters (both coin buys) along with Gerrymanders and Fillibusters (both drops).

Pro-Jack Petitions come from Happy Jacks (coin crop that takes a Vote to "water"), Political Animals (come from Gerrymanders and Fillibusters when healed), Security Oxen (mission reward) and Campaign Signs (Collection reward).

So... fair to say we're not going to be short of points...

There's also another special thing coming tonight and that is the return of... BADGES! Yes folks, three brand new badges for us to work at (or not) as we see fit!

The first covers amounts of donations, the second will be harvesting Happy Jacks and the final one will be tending Security Oxen.

So, what other items are we going to see?

Well, one new free gift crop, the Red, White and Blueberries...

...a new boost, the single Crop Ready...

...a new rideable, the Wagon One...

...and a new collection that gives a massive parcel of goodies on trade in.

So, time to get our voting trousers on and make this Jack's best campaign ever!

Thursday 20 March 2014

Weird Science

One of the highlights of the County Fair is the Science section, where the kids get to show off their brainpower!

There's just one problem... the kids have asked Doc and Stafford to help out and they're a little... well, competitive!

So, while it's up to us to help foster Doc and Stafford's ideas, don't be surprised if we end up doing some refereeing.

By the time it's done we'll hopefully have some great Science Fair exhibits, Doc and Stafford still friends AND some awesome rewards!

As usual, there's going to be a popup to start...

That will kick off a five mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday Mission (all details HERE). We'll also see a standard four step build, the Science Fair Booth (all details HERE).

Outside the ordinary mission type stuff we're going to be helping Doc and Stafford come up with ideas to pass on to the kids for their experiments and then using the solutions that come from them... and that means a short chain of items.

We'll start off with Doc's Scientific Hypothesis (coin option) or Stafford's Brilliant Revelations (premium) which are tended with three wall post items each, Copious Notes and Rough Sketches.

Those will then drop Theories, Nature, Electrical or Explosive... Hypothesis drop one of the Theories, Revelations drop all three.

...which are used on Experiments of the same name (3 tends each).

From those you get Successful and Unexpected Results which are used in missions.

Other than that it's all fairly standard, although do you remember how you wanted to tend animals? Well, get ready for a tend fest in Monday's wrapper with us needing to tend 5'000 Pigs, Sheep, Goats and Cows for experiments!

We do have one new free gift crop, the Strapple...

And a collection that gives it...

Now onto rewards, because there's some nice ones outside the usual boosts, gold dust and crops... but the really good ones come with the wrappers.

The mission wrapper gives us Spirit Tree Doubling, giving us two drops each time instead of one (something I know most players will love), and then Monday gives us a little bit more Express in the game with two brand new Admin-imals, Lisa Shpig and Gemma Goaw :D

So... with that in mind, let's get scientific!

Friday 14 March 2014

Who is That Masked Man?!

There's villainy afoot on the homestead and no normal Pioneer Trailer can deal with it...

No, for this we need... The Masked Lasso!

Yes, it's time to don a mask, put a feather in your hat and wear your underwear outside your clothes, it's time to become a vigilante superhero!

Can you save the homestead and, more importantly Granny from the villains? Or should that be save the villains from Granny...

As usual, it'll be a popup to start...

That will kick off an 8 daily mission, 2 wrapper, 1 Monday mission series (all details HERE). There's no build with these though, as there never is with this kind, just a couple placeables, specifically Eddy's Office and the Secret Outhouse...

They will contain the Menu for the 8 daily releasing missions (which WILL involve daily Extra Credit missions)...

...and also an intriguing new type of "fishing" mechanic... you're only going to be able to "fish" when you're in your persona of the Masked Lasso!

This outfit is crafted inside the Outhouse (and used from there) and also, when you complete all 8 missions, you'll receive the Masked Lasso Signal that lets you activate the outfit at will (and looks pretty cool as well...)

There are some healables in this thread, three decoration items, the Practice Dummy, Land Stake and Evil Paperwork....

...and an animal chain. The Steele Defenses are opened to give either a Guard Dog or Guard Cat...

...who've been turned nasty by Eddy and Amy Steele but it only takes a bit of tender loving care to rehabilitate them into some friendlier animals!

There is one more interesting difference from these healables however, and it's a continuation of the new social aspect of the game, craftable boosts that can be sent to neighbours and become a special boost that feeds healables FOUR times!

These are all crafted as part of the missions and gifted via the Inventory to help your neighbours out!

We're also going to see a new crate, the Happy Neighbour Crate, This will drop a load of goodies needed for this mission thread or recent other missions, the Restaurant D'Lamour and Bo's Kitchen.

Finally, of course, we have one new free gift crop, the Matilija Poppy...

...and a new collection, which gives one of the aforementioned Happy Neighbour crates!

So, capes on folks, and lets get hero-ing!