Thursday, 24 July 2014

Inspection Time!

The March to Statehood is continuing unabated tonight but it's time we all tidy ourselves up and look smart, Inspector Hatchet is arriving on the homestead and he's going to be judging us to make sure we're good enough for Statehood!

Get it right and we'll be raking in the free gift crops... only problem is, someone doesn't seem to want us to get it right...

As usual, things will start off with a popup...

That will kick off a series of mini threads that will work alongside each other, 3 threads of four missions to help get the homestead all tidied up... (all details HERE). As usual for this kind of mission there's no build, but we will see two placeable decorations.

The first of these is the Inspectors Carriage.

This one will contain the Quests menu to be able to access all the missions.

The second, is a new feature decoration the Crop Generator...

This little doohickey comes with a special power, the ability to get our hands on more free gift crops every day by buying them with tokens that will drop from the generator and items in this thread! Extra crops, no requesting!

As for features in the missions themselves, they're all ones we'll understand.

The first series will introduce a new pair of healables as we attempt to do up the homestead. The first is the Hazardous Building which, when healed, then drops the Trash Pile.

The second series brings a new partner animal, the Utili-Kitty...

And the final series brings a new varmint, as there's a dark and mysterious figure trying to ruin the inspection by spreading graffiti!

To see what each requires, check the mission pages.

We'll also get a new crop, the Washbin...

There's also exciting news for Express as we'll soon be seeing the fruits of one member's labour as the winner of the Express Flag Design Contest reaches the game!

This will be a placeable decoration with a nice little bonus drop...

Finally, there's the standard collection and TWO new badges! The first of these will be for clearing up the homestead, specifically tending Hazardous Buildings, Trash Piles, Utili-Kitties and Graffiti...

...and the second one is more generic, rewarding us for collecting from Decorations!

So, what are you waiting for, front and centre, stand to attention, it's inspection time!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Masked Lasso Returns!

Crime is on the rise on the homestead and if you're going to catch all the perpetrators and keep your secret identity secret then it looks like you might need to find what every great crime fighting hero needs...

...a sidekick!

Yes, it's time for the Masked Lasso to pick up a Mini-Mask in the form of a newly redeemed homesteader who's shown a real aptitude for the kind of skills required to be a crime fighter on the homestead, especially excellent Lasso skills!

As usual, things will start with a popup...

That will start off a 9 mission map thread with the usual 3 wrappers and a Monday mission (all details HERE) although as it's a map thread we know what that means, no build, just a placeable, the Lair!

Obviously, being a map mission, that means... well, a map, I think as we're a crime fighting detective that should be pretty self explanatory...

That map will then take you through three conjoined storylines, Fixing up the Lair and making it more secure and your equipment better, training your new sidekick and solving a new homestead mystery of just who's blackmailing Jack!

Each set will be the usual mix of crops, crafting, requests etc with one injured animal for each set, with their own variations.

The first is the Malfunctioning Gadget, the second is the Training Aparatus and the third is the Twin Oaks. Each is healed with 10 of a crafted feed that combines a drop from the new crop with a wall post item, check the mission page for more specifics.

...and yes, you read right, a new crop, the Moon Flower!

It's a free gift (naturally) and also drops from the three new collections, one for each set of missions and that each drop an item for missions.

The Lair Collection drops Lair Improvement...

The Vestments of a Hero Collection drops Heroic Experience...

The Jack's Blackmail Collection drops Jack's Reputation...

So, it's time to suit up again and take to the night, the Masked Lasso Returns... with Company!

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Ahh summer, when men in bad trousers use a stick to smack a ball into a hole that's already got a stick in...

Yes, it's time to get a round in, and not the alcoholic type, well, not until hole 19 at least.

So, time to get our spiky shoes on and help Amos and Nettie realise their putting dream.

As usual, a popup starts the proceedings.

This kicks off a 5 mission set with a TIMED Monday wrapper... something new, more on that later! (all requirements are HERE) There's also a 4 step build, the Clubhouse (all details HERE).

The clubhouse will contain the main feature of the missions, a series of combineable healables like the Aquarium.

We start by "fishing" in the Clubhouse with Golf Clubs (and yes, as it's fishing, an Early Worm doubles it).
That can then drop one of three different types of golf hole, Standard, Trick or Hazard which are healed with Course Designs.

Those in turn become one of three different types, and are combined, first into 3 sets, then finally into one big Golf Course!

That Course will also have it's own fishing roll and drops and give out some great goodies!

For new stuff in the market we'll be seeing a new Free Gift Crop, Devil's Clubs...

...and a new tree, the Jacaranda Tree!

Finally we'll also see a brand new boost, the Mulligan Boost that works as a readier for multiple different items...

Monday Funday

Right, here's where things get new and different.

This week's Monday mission will be something brand new, a timed and optionally repeatable wrapper!

So, I hear you ask, why should we do it? Well, because the rewards at the other end are going to be worth it.

Every time you complete the mission it will credit in two places, a brand new badge...

...and inside a new decoration, Jack's Golf Bag.

Then, when the mission closes we'll get a parcel of prizes depending on what level we reached, ranging from Gold Dust, to some top boosts to a MASSIVE amount of Horseshoes!

So, it'll be your choice, concentrate more on the main missions and let this one go... or concentrate on this one for some impressive rewards...

Whichever you're choosing to do... let's tee up and see what happens!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mini Redhead Chaos...

Oh boy, as if the homestead's not had enough redheaded trouble lately, we've got another one on the way, and this one has some real naughty potential!

Whereas last week's fiery-bonced tornado was from Ted's side of history, this week it's Bess' side... and specifically her Niece, Sarah.

Bess' Brother has reached his wits end with his daughter so has sent her out to Bess to take her in hand, teach her some life lessons and toughen her up... Well, I SAY Bess but what has one finger and is about to be lumbered with dealing with a ginger teenager? *Points at self*.

As usual, a popup starts the proceedings...

That kicks off a fairly standard 5 mission set with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) but a slightly non-standard build as instead of one, we get two... (all details HERE).

The first is a more traditional build, the Etiquette Desk.

The second is Sarah herself, who will change depending on the storyline and isn't a full build, just a couple of tasks each time.

Other than that the missions are fairly standard, one addition is we'll be seeing a new injured animal, Chores, which is tended with just 6 Honest Work, which is a wall post item.

That then becomes one of three types, one of which is needed for the mission.

We'll also see a new Free Gift Crop, Heather, that drops stuff across all the missions...

So, let's put our most mature faces on, and try and get this teen flying right!