Thursday, 20 November 2014

Super Star

The sky is falling!

OK actually it's not as just one little bit of it, a meteor, has arrived and landed smack dab in the middle of the Homestead. It's up to us, along with Doc, to go find out what's going on and see if there's anything fun can be done with what it's brought to us...

...only problem is, Doc's not exactly known for his caution when it comes to scientific experimentation, so the chances are things are going to get a little bit crazy and a little bit weird, as it always seems to do when Doc gets himself involved...

As usual, it's a popup to start.

That will kick off a 9 mission, 3 wrapper, 1 Monday release set of map missions (all details HERE). As with all map missions what we won't see is a build, although we will get a decoration for the homestead, the Meteor!

This will give us access to the mission map, just a quick note these missions are repeatable but only OPTIONALLY if you want more rewards, there are no mission requirements and no compulsory repeats.

As well as the map, the Meteor will also have a fishing mechanic, this drops one of three "Elements", Red, Yellow and Green.

Those Elements, and their mysterious meteor powers, will then be used to create one of three new healables, Unstable Sheep, Chickens and Pigs!

They, and their variations will be needed for mission requirements for both healing and for drops.

Their feed will require the new Free Gift Crop, Giant Toadstools:

Now all we need to do is get Doc away from that Meteor before he tries experimenting on something more intelligent than livestock... No Doc... Back off!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Gobbling Food

Thanksgiving has arrived on the Frontier and there's just one problem... There's something up with the Turkeys.

Now, a lot of people would point out that the problem with them is they're about to be invited to Thanksgiving Dinner with a unique invite... but there's other stuff as well...

That means we're going to be hitting the homestead to work on not only our own Turkeys, but going hunting for wild ones too!

As usual we'll see a popup to start...

This will kick off three series of four missions to be done concurrently, along with a small wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE). What we won't have is a buildable, but there is a small decoration, the Thanksgiving Feast.

This one will let us start the three threads as they release over the next few days, with each thread having it's own little mechanic to work on.

Set one has a set of paired healables. We start off with the Faint Giggles which, when healed, can then become a Turkey Sighting. both of which are small healables...

The second set has a new Partner animal, a new dog the Lil Tracker which, when healed, becomes one of four different hunting dogs.

Then finally the third series has a new injured animal that pops out, the mysterious Wikiwah legend, the Great White Turkey! This one will only drop while the missions are open and has it's own set of drops.

They all use the same feed, Fowlcatchers. That uses the new crop as part of it's crafting, Cherokee Tomatoes.

So, lets go track down some turkeys and enjoy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Daddy Issues...

If there's one thread that goes all the way through the story of Ted, Bess and now Tess it's the sudden arrival of family and friends to shake things up. Mothers, Brothers, Nieces, ex-Girlfriends/Partners in Crime and now a paternal shocker to add to the list.

Just when it looked like we'd run out of red headed people up pops another one, in this case it's Ted's father Red, a bit of a bad sort from way back who's arrived to see his sons and his new grandchild...

But does he have ulterior motives? Of course he does, it'd be a pretty short mission if he wasn't...

So, ahoy the popup!

That kicks off a 5 mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE). We'll also see a new building, the Guest House... (all details HERE).

The Guest House will contain a crafting and sending mechanic for feed used with the new healables.

We'll see four of those...

...which becomes one of four new animals!

As with previous threads (Free Range/Re-enactment etc) we're going to see two types of feed, what we craft which is worth one feed and what neighbours receive when we send it which is worth four.

We'll see a new crop, Red Cactus, which is used in one of those feeds...

...and a new collection which will not only give the crop but also the premium item that we can use to make our own 4-tend feed.

And that will be it, so I'm sure it'll all go smoothly with no trouble...

...oh boy, here we go!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Yer Feets Too Big...

Oh boy, is Witherwood up to his old tricks again?

There's been more sightings of Bigfoot sneaking around the Homestead, so is it that creepy nut of an ex-Mayor causing trouble again, or is it something else?

It's up to us to find out I guess, and to do that we're going to need to get our investigatin' trousers on...

As usual, we'll see a popup to start...

That will kick off a series of 8 repeatable missions, releasing two a day, a couple connected wrappers and a Monday mission (all details HERE). As usual for this type of thread we'll not see a build.

Instead, we're going to see three decorations that all have fishing mechanics in them...

The fishing mechanics will drop not only mission based items but also goodies we can then sell for coins, XP, Gold Dust and even Horseshoes.

They'll also have the mission manager for this set...

The missions themselves are simple tending, crafting and requesting for the most part, there is one injured animal, the Shiverin' Furball with a set of three variations...

We'll also see a new Free Gift Crop, the Foot Plant...

...and a new collection, the Big Evidence Collection, which will gift it when traded in!

So, lets go Bigfoot hunting!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Scary Crazy

PLEASE NOTE: This post was originally posted on the 19th April 2014. A second chance to purchase Keys unlocked on the 3rd July 2014, a third on 26th August and then a fourth on 28th of October.

Ohhh boy.... I thought it may happen one day and it has... Jack's gone totally loopy and even Granny can't keep him controlled for long!

So, to try and distract him, we need to give him something to do, and that something will be to turn things around a bit so he does some work for us, not the other way around...

Now, first up, a note, this is NOT a mission series and is also totally optional, it's a special premium trick, along with a pretty brilliant decoration/Building attached... :D

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... Crazy Jack....

I know, how ace is that?

So, what is Crazy Jack going to do? Well, he's going to have a special ONE OFF purchase option where we can buy a Straightjacket Key for two dollars to complete one of a selection of missions, specifically made up of some final missions of threads, wrappers or Monday Missions, one of the real toughies.

Doing this will complete the mission but also give you ALL rewards, so you don't lose out on anything.

Clicking him will bring up one of two things, a purchase screen...

...and a mission manager where missions will be kept that can be completed, as you can see there will be two options, one to see the standard requirements, and one to finish the mission!

PLEASE NOTE: Take care picking which mission to complete as you can only buy ONE Straightjacket Key.

Finally, you also get a Crazy Jack Crate.

The crate can contain ONE of this list: 2 Horseshoes, 50 Cattle Power, 100 Gold Dust or All You Can Eat Meal.

...and ONE of this list: Escargot Boost, Animal Edibles, Fertile Ash, Foie Gras, Sweet Payoff, Strange elixir, Saving Grace, Animal Vaccine, Dream Boost or Deep Fried Chocobar!

OK, something VERY important to note. As stated previously the Straightjacket Key is a One Off purchase and you will have to refresh the game to receive it.

If you purchase from Crazy Jack again you will NOT receive a second Straightjacket Key, just a Crazy Jack Crate and a small mystery item. So please don't try to buy more Keys until the next "window" opens.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Politeness of Princes

Fanny and Granny are starting to get a bit tired of Hank and Doc's less than gentlemanly behaviour at times so they've decided to hold a Renaissance Fair with some Knight trials and invited a special guest, Raphael, to teach them some chivalrous behaviour.

Now, the big question is will Jack and Doc thrive on Knightly duties? Or even will they survive...

There's only one way to find out I guess, we have to do our bit to help them get some chivalry into them.

As usual, it's a popup!

The kicks off a 5 mission series with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) along with a build, the Frontier Castle (all details HERE).

The Castle itself has a fishing mechanic which drops three of the healables that make up a bit of a "web" of healable items in this thread, see the mission guide for specifics and Express for our traditional Visual Guide.

Those make up the bulk of the mechanics for this mission with much of the rest simple planting and tending, including a new Free Gift Crop...

....a new Animal...

And a whole swathe of Renaissance Fair items to get that proper Knightly feeling!

But hey, at least we're not battling monsters as well...

...Right then, get the trebuchet's ready and let's get Chivalrous!