Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Little Culture

Fanny's been on the homestead for a while now and one thing she's never managed to get done is the addition of a little culture and some manners!

Well, she's determined to stop that now as she gets all schoolmarm on us and the animals and drags everyone up to her level!

What does that mean for us? Well, it means we'll have the perfect place to slip away some Decorations that might have been cluttering up the homestead but we like keeping around for their bonus...

First up, the ubiquitous popup!

That'll start of a series of 5 missions, one wrapper and a mission on Monday (all details HERE) and a four step build (and Deco Storage base) the Gallery (all details HERE).

The Gallery will have the much awaited Decoration Storage menu and work like the Warehouse, we'll start out with 5 slots from just being placed, with more slots being opened as the missions are done, ending in a base of 20 Decorations stored.

More will then come over the weeks as mission rewards!

So, how about the missions themselves? Well, here goes, and make sure you stick with us... you see the new missions are Free Range Part II...

I know what you're thinking, but take a moment and, as the Guide says... Don't Panic! You see the studio have been very interested in talking to us about why many found Free Range confusing and have made a lot of changes for us, so consider this Free Range Lite!

First up, there's no more of different animals or crops for different players... We'll all use the same five Uncultured Animals, the Chicken, Goose, Ox, Horse and Duck!

The Chicken and Ox will be coin purchases, the others will be Free Gifts. They'll then become Free Range, drop some awesome goodies like Free Gift Crops and Boosts along with counting as 8, yes EIGHT tends of the normal type of animal!

We'll also be using the same two crops, one a coin purchase that's used to feed the Chicken, Goose and Duck (Green Tea) and the other a Free Gift that is used to feed the Ox and Horse (Cheesemakers).

So no mission varieties, we'll all be feeding the same stuff to the same animals for the same missions!

One thing still around is the feature of helping neighbours and speeding up the feeding of the Free Range Animals, but has also been simplified.

We craft Unaged Feed (details in the mission windows) and then send it to neighbours where it becomes Aged Feed, which counts as 4 tends towards the animals! That's also been streamlined a bit, the Aged Feed won't need "opening" because we all use the same stuff, so we just find it in the inventory and use it like a boost.

They've also changed the Gift Box slightly to make it easier to spot when friends have sent the items as they'll show up at the top of the Gift Box when you log in so it's easy to see who was the generous friend!

We will be able to buy a premium option to age the feed which will also be a reward from the new Collection...

...oh and finally, two new badges! The first is for tending Unhappy or Uncultured animals, the second is for tending Chickens, Geese or Ducks... lets get going and get those decorations stored!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Egging Them On

Easter is on its way and everyone celebrates it differently so we're going to get to explore how three different homestead residents each want to celebrate.

Whether it's Doc Auburn's scientific approach to the holiday, Eddy's somewhat unique take on gifting or Granny's release of her artistic side in painting eggs, they certainly take their own paths to celebrating Easter and we'll be walking along with them!

Of course, along the way we're probably going to need to help them quite a bit... well, that's what we do.

As usual, a popup will herald the arrival of the new missions...

That will start off a set of Map Missions, so that means missions that will release over the course of a few days, but no build! In total there will be 14 missions (all details HERE) and a small placeable decoration to access them from, the Giant Easter Egg...

Inside that will be our map, showing three columns of three missions, with a wrapper to tie them all up.

During the missions we'll have four new injured animals, each with their own healing item that is crafted...

They'll all use the same drop item which comes from the new Free Gift crop, Salmonberry Bushes...

...that are also in the market along with a new coin crop, the Easter Eggplant!

We're also going to get not one but THREE new collections, one for each section and each drops a specific crate that will contain items that we require in the missions!

So, get your egg paints out, your best bunny ears and maybe a balaclava for helping Eddy... and lets go enjoy Easter!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Animated Stunts

The art department is always immense in Pioneer Trail but they might have outdone themselves this time!

The animated stunts in full!

Horse Stunts


 Lasso Stunts 


Sharpshooter Stunts




Thursday, 3 April 2014

Roped, Ridden and Blasted

Get the ropes, bullets and tackle ready, it's time to put on a Wild West Stunt Show with the newly reformed Sissy Gratchett!

Yes, it's time for the Gratchett lady to get her chance at showing just how far along she's come by training our homesteaders in special Wild West Stunts for the Country Fair!

If we can learn the Stunts perfectly we'll get to enjoy a new boost, some great crop-dropping decorations and new badges!

As usual, a popup will herald it's arrival...

This will kick off a five mission thread with a Monday Wrapper (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Wild West Booth for the Fair (all details HERE).

The building will be the start of a new chain of healables, akin to the Aquarium which also means the randomness is LIMITED! *Pauses for cheers*

So, the building itself will have a fishing mechanic that can drop one of three timed injured "animals", a basic start to the stunts...

Those, when healed, will drop a stunt crate that matches to their type, Sharpshooting, Horse Riding or Lasso... err, Lassoing.

Opening THOSE will then give one of three different stunts... however this is where the limits come in, the most we can have of each is two, meaning the very MAXIMUM we'll have to do is 5 of each type...

Then... (Still with us? There's a test later...) just like the various fish tanks were combined into stacks, one of each stunt will be combined to make a Super Stunt! (Decorations with some nice drops).

Along with these stunts we're also getting six, yes SIX new badges! The first three are all for the healables in this thread, counting how many times we've tended them...

...and the other three are for items we've already had, feeding Goats or Sheep, Feeding Cows or Pigs and fishing in the "traditional" fishing locations, so anything that's actually fishing.

If you're the type to want to dress up we also have something for you, the new Sharpshooter Outfit...

Finally the two standards, a new Free Gift Crop...

...and a collection!

So, let's get Stunting!