Thursday, 11 September 2014

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Sometimes you just have to accept your little ones are growing up and becoming little adults...

It's time for our oldest child to start wanting to go their own way and have a bit more independence.

So, we're going to give it to them by teaching them that adulthood comes with other responsibilities like looking after their own home and doing homestead chores to pay their way!

As usual, everything starts with a popup...

That will kick off a standard 5 mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) along with a 4 step build, the Tree Fort... (all details HERE).

The missions themselves are fairly simple but will introduce 4 new healables...

Which each become a single new Homestead Animal (no random variations!)

They have two different types of food, the first two use Chore Gear and the second two use Farm Hand Supplies and both of those can be sent to neighbours to become more powerful versions, giving 4 tends per go...

And that's it for new mechanics, as it's all a nice simple thread!

We do have a new free gift crop, Cacao...

A pair of new outfits for those fancy nights out...

And a brand new decoration for our kids to play in...

Finally, we'll be seeing a collection...

...which will grant the new Grown Up Crate that contains bundles of mission based goodies.

So, what are we waiting for? It's growing up time!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bringing Out Baby

Oh boy, it's baby time on the Frontier for our latest married couple and while she may not be quite as much of a Mom-zilla as Fanny, Bess is a lass who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to make Ted pay for it!

That all adds up to some work for us to make this birth perfect, and for Doc who suddenly needs to brush up on his midwifery talents as it's been a while... good thing there's plenty of animals around, right?

As usual, things will all kick off with a popup...

That will launch a traditional style 5 mission set with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE) along with a four step build, the Nursery... (all details HERE)

The Nursery will contain a fishing mechanic that drops the first thing in a quick healable chain, the Delivery Stork...

...that, when opened, becomes a Baby Cart, Diaper Station or Delivery Room...

...which then in turn become three variations each of baby stuff!

From there out the rest of the missions are traditional with no extra mechanics to try and get your head around, although there is a new Free Gift Crop, the Baby Cabbage.

We'll also see a new boost, the Stable Ready boost! That one does exactly what it says on the tin, readying all the rideable horses you have in your stable!

So, wash those hands, buy those baby gifts and get ready to help with a birthing! Well, not me, I'll just be outside with a balloon... I'm squeamish.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Homestead Holidays

There's not much left of Summer so the Homesteaders had better make the most of it with some Summer Vacations!

Hank and Fanny, Jack and the soon to be parents Bess and Ted all want to take a holiday but there is, as usual, enough problems to keep us busy for a while trying to sort them out!

Yep, even holidays are beyond the Homesteaders powers to sort themselves, but hey, if they did, we'd have nothing to do after all!

As usual, a popup kicks things off.

This will kick off 3 series of 3 missions and a wrapper each, along with a Monday mission (all details HERE). As with all types of this mission there's no build, but there is a small placeable decoration, the Lawn Chair.

This contains the mission map which will unlock over the course of 3 days and also contain a fishing mechanics that will drop mission items.

There's a small chain of healables, which starts with a Vacation Suitcase...

...that becomes one of three different healables, the Tire Swing, Slippy Slide or Hammock.

They, in turn, become some Summer Animals!

We will get a new free gift crop, the Tomatillo...

Finally, for new stuff we're going to see a new fun gift to send each other as we have a Water Balloon fight on Monday! We'll craft Water Balloons and send to each other that then turn into openable crates with mission based goodies inside!

So, Time to enjoy the last stages of Summer with some holiday fun... BOMBS AWAY!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Jack's Crazy In Office...

PLEASE NOTE: This post was originally posted on the 19th April 2014. A second chance to purchase Keys unlocked on the 3rd July 2014, and then a third on 26th August.

Ohhh boy.... I thought it may happen one day and it has... Jack's gone totally loopy and even Granny can't keep him controlled for long!

So, to try and distract him, we need to give him something to do, and that something will be to turn things around a bit so he does some work for us, not the other way around...

Now, first up, a note, this is NOT a mission series and is also totally optional, it's a special premium trick, along with a pretty brilliant decoration/Building attached... :D

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... Crazy Jack....

I know, how ace is that?

So, what is Crazy Jack going to do? Well, he's going to have a special ONE OFF purchase option where we can buy a Straightjacket Key for two dollars to complete one of a selection of missions, specifically made up of some final missions of threads, wrappers or Monday Missions, one of the real toughies.

Doing this will complete the mission but also give you ALL rewards, so you don't lose out on anything.

Clicking him will bring up one of two things, a purchase screen...

...and a mission manager where missions will be kept that can be completed, as you can see there will be two options, one to see the standard requirements, and one to finish the mission!

PLEASE NOTE: Take care picking which mission to complete as you can only buy ONE Straightjacket Key.

Finally, you also get a Crazy Jack Crate.

The crate can contain ONE of this list: 2 Horseshoes, 50 Cattle Power, 100 Gold Dust or All You Can Eat Meal.

...and ONE of this list: Escargot Boost, Animal Edibles, Fertile Ash, Foie Gras, Sweet Payoff, Strange elixir, Saving Grace, Animal Vaccine, Dream Boost or Deep Fried Chocobar!

OK, something VERY important to note. As stated previously the Straightjacket Key is a One Off purchase and you will have to refresh the game to receive it.

If you purchase from Crazy Jack again you will NOT receive a second Straightjacket Key, just a Crazy Jack Crate and a small mystery item. So please don't try to buy more Keys.