Friday 29 July 2011

Secret Agent Man...

Even with Fanny and Hank on their honeymoon there's still room for a little romance on the homestead, and this is one with a real touch of danger attached.

On the corner of the homestead we'll soon be seeing the return of Bess' beau, LT Flintlock and his stagecoach...

You soon discover he's not there for a simple jaunt, instead he's preparing for a super secret, super risky secret mission that he can't even tell Bess about, although he does need her help.

That kicks off a series of SIX MISSIONS that arrive daily, in the same way as the 12 Days of Christmas and are active until August 30th.

Finishing the first three missions will clean up Flintlock's stagecoach and reward you with a cute little black buffalo...

Then completing the second set of missions will get a carved tree decoration...

...and have Flintlock set up with some massive firepower and protection on his stagecoach...

...which will hopefully protect him from whatever he's going after, which he still won't tell Bess about and sounds less than hopeful about his chances of survival...

But he won't leave her with nothing, he's leavng her with a note to open in six months time...

The End?

Doesn't look like it...

Thursday 28 July 2011

Yosemite Honeymoon Crates - Take a look!

There are 4 different types of crates available, each with 3 different goodies inside!

The Animal Crate 
From postcard mission 2

Big Horn Sheep, Bob Cat and Mink

The Flower Crate

Alpine Lily, Baby Blue Eyes, Yellow Sneezeweed

The Yosemite Decoration Crate

Bear Statue, Eagle Statue, Goat Statue

The Tree Crate

Coastal Pine, Giant Sequoia, Black Oak

What do you think to the crates and the repeatable Honeymoon Missions? Come and let us know and get any help you need at our FACEBOOK PAGE

300 Dinners giveaway!

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3 Lucky members will walk away with 100 Dinners each VERY SOON! 

Wednesday 27 July 2011

A Yosemite Honeymoon!

It's time to wave the newly weds off on their Honeymoon - after "Talking to Hank" you will have to complete an INITIAL MISSION helping them gather enough Stagecoach tickets to set off on their travels. Once collected they will wander off into the sunset at the bottom of your Homestead. But now the fun starts!

Each postcard you get from Hank and Fanny will be inviting you to start another mission to help them collect things for their Honeymoon travels. For each mission you complete you will collect 1 GETAWAY PASS. Collect these Getaway Passes to enter into the Honeymoon Sweepstakes!

As you can see each of the FOUR MISSIONS are repeatable so you can collect more and more Getaway Passes, thus giving you a better chance of winning!

As well as collecting the Getaway Passes we will also collect Crates are rewards for completing the missions - Yosemite flower crate, animal crate and Yosemite tree crate - there more missions you repeat the more crates you will earn.

These will be available in the Marketplace - no prices have been given yet

You will also be required to craft some new items to complete the missions - A new crafting page will be added to the Wedding Wagon -

As ever there will also be a new collection -

Friday 22 July 2011

Inn L'Amour - Inn Upgrade

Our Inn is reaching skyward with the release of the new upgrade. Have you ever fancied running your own 5 star romantic getaway? Well now you will get your virtual chance! Please note that this will roll out slowly!

Humble Bob will make an appearance offering you the chance to purchase the upgrade for 1000 coins - 

Purchasing the upgrade will prompt these 4 MISSIONS

Click on your Inn and select "upgrade" and start asking for these building supplies which include the Banisters from the Lodge upgrade and the trusty paint buckets!

Once built your Inn will become the biggest building on the Frontier!

Clicking on View/Invite Guests will give you a one time tutorial so you can see what you need to do next.

Once per day you will be able to collect the rewards (daily building bonus), which grows depending on how many people accepted your invites to stay. You will then have another 24 hours to fill your rooms again.

There is also a new collection (Please not that the original Inn collection will now only be available from an original Inn) 

Plus a new set of badges for booking your rooms

So what do you think folks? Do you like this new feature? Let us know what rewards you get from your daily bonus and come and have your say at our FACEBOOK PAGE!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Their eyes met across a crowded Hospital...

I think we'll all agree it's nice to curl up somewhere comfy and fully rehabilitate when we've been ill, and now we'll be giving the injured animals on our homesteads a warm place to live once we've worked out healing magic... along with all the mystery animals still unhomed on the Frontier...

But more than that, we'll also be greeting the new burgeoning romance between two of the Frontier's silver haired lovers... I think we all knew we wanted these two "kids" to get together...

Yep, we're going to be upgrading the Doctor's Office AND giving Doc and Granny a little chance at happiness...

It'll all kick off with the above popup asking if we want to upgrade the Doc's Office, and if we do up will pop Humble Bob (for a good reason this time, no Horseshoes...) and give us the chance to buy the upgrade.

Once bought it'll need 6 new building supplies... and the Doc's office will gain a rooftop garden for all the animals!

Accepting will also kick off the FOUR MISSION THREAD which will then take you through the storyline for the feature.

The Doc is worried that the forgotten animals are being left to fend for themselves and needs some help to fix them up, so up pops Granny in an animated movie who seems to have a hidden love for animals... and grey haired medical men...

Once the missions are finished and the Office is fully upgraded it then seems we'll be left holding the can while the oldies have themselves a date in another movie...

Don't worry, as well as storage the upgraded Doc's Office will also have a couple tricks up it's sleeves to keep us busy while the lovedinos date... for starters it'll count as a "ticksheet" marking off all the mystery animals in game and letting completionists buy old mystery animals from limited edition crates for 50HS each to finish their collection...

Along with a few new critters of it's own...

Oh, and finally, the obligatory badge!

So, as we swiftly cover our ears to the sound of false teeth hitting glasses and the creak of replacement hips, what do folks think of the new feature? Be sure to pop on to our Facebook Page and let us know!