Friday 8 July 2011

We're Getting Married in the Morning...

...Ding dong the bells are gonna chime!

We've seen the proposal, we've organised Fanny's Dress, and now it's time to get those lovebirds together!

Yes, it's the wedding of century, ignore Wills and Kate, Hank and Fanny's long and drawn out (for us) engagement is coming to an end and the Frontier's most romantic pairing are going to walk down the aisle.

Well have a set of six missions to complete to make sure their magic day goes without a hitch which, like previous threads, will fill up the requirements for the main even with rewards and crafting.

In the first three we'll upgrade the Chapel (no building supplies needed), Finish off Fanny's Dress for good, and set up the flower girl and the ring bearer... then disaster strikes!

Yep, some pesky Varmint has had away with all the cake icing... although I personally think Fanny needed a sugar rush and got licking herself, the bear is an excuse!

What it does mean is we'll be making Fanny up a new cake, buying the base in the market then using five supplies to finish off...

Once it's completed we can click it to share and eat, putting a slice of wedding cake in our inventories (food for energy) and sharing the slices around with friends. The cake can then be remade and eaten as many times as you want!

Once that's done all that's left is to track down Jacques to officiate and it's party time! (We wont tell you the vows and spoil it, it's best to watch for yourself :)

Once the video is over Hank and Fanny depart to the Inn *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* and homestead life goes on!

We'll be seeing new stuff in the Wedding Market including new animals, decorations and clothes to dress our avatars in for the big day.

Finally, are you proud of your Wedding Area? Do you think your setting for the happy event is beautiful enough to be prizewinning? Well, if you do, Zynga will be wanting to see it and it may well mean you're celebrating as much as the happy couple... They're going to be running a special Wedding Design Contest for anyone to enter.

Just keep an eye out HERE for all the details and for more contests through the year from Zynga.

So, what are your thoughts on the Wedding Day? Come visit our Facebook Page and let us know!