Wednesday 29 June 2011

News Stand Update!

To help us track down neighbours with active classifieds to help we'll be spotting a new update to the news stand in Frontierville!

This will give us an easy way to spot when new items have been posted and see who we can go help, along with getting us one step closer to the classifieds badge!

Now clicking on it will give the option to check friends publishing status to see if your neighbours have posted a paper... and if they have you can visit in one click!

New Option

No New Papers

New Papers Option

Click the big green button and away you go to your neighbour's stead! :D

What do you think of the new feature? Be sure to come let us know on our Facebook Page!

Monday 27 June 2011

Pondlife, a brand new Market Animal and multiple new collections!

We've stored our pigs, sheep and goats... we've stored cows, oxen, horses and mules in our big barn... but what about all those lonely folks who like a watery home?

Yep, it's time to build up a pond for them all to live in and welcome the new Market-Buyable animal, the Duck!

The duck is bought from the usual place in the market for 300 coins and can produce a fox when tended.

The Fowl Pond is just like the current storage buildings, able to home swans, ducks, injured ducks, Turtles, Frogs, Adult Geese, and Penguins, in fact up to 1000 when fully upgraded!

If you're level 24 the popup above will appear and give you the option to place the pond. Once you do the three mission thread will start (all details HERE)

The Pond needs, you know the drill now, six new building supplies to finish off...

Once it's done, just like all the other storage buildings you can use the store option or the move cursor to move any animal into it. It'll also give you a chance, every time you collect it's daily bonus, of getting a Swan!

Once inside the animals can be fed or sold...

Usually we announce a new collection for these buildings but amazingly this time we have THREE new collections to announce!

The Pond Collection...

Duck Collection...

And Swan Collection!

What do you think of the new Pond? Be sure to come let us know on our Facebook Page :)

New Injured Animal, the Ugly Duckling!

It's time to see a brand new injured animal, the Ugly Duckling!

It'll appear on your homestead from feeding swans and despite it's unique looks will tug at the heartstrings to be looked after...

Once you accept it'll need to be fed sardines to get well again and grow into...

...yes, you know the story and you know what's coming, a beautiful swan! Talk about a happy ending :D

There's also a brand new SWAN Collection!

Saturday 25 June 2011

Stop Pitbulls Getting a Bad Rap!

Zynga have teamed up with Bad Rap, an American charity helping promote good ownership and the safety of pitbulls in the Bay Area.

So, if you've got a soft spot for canines pick yourself up the new Bad Rap Crate for a special animal, with all proceeds going to the charity...

Also, if you click share the love on the popup your friends can click the post and get some free chunky chow!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

We've been getting teased about this ever since the rideable horses appeared and now it's finally time to saddle up, get our horses fired up and take to the rodeo!

We'll get ourselves a nice new popup on our homesteads to place ourselves a rodeo and get the missions! (all details HERE)

Once we get the popup we'll be able to build up our rodeo which will take 6 new building materials to finish...

Now here comes the exciting part... Once the rodeo is up and running it's racing time!

Pick your strongest skilled horse and a neighbour to race using the first tab...

Then once you've started a race (each one takes 12 hours) click on the progress tab to see how you're doing!

The speed of your horse is all down to how many skill points it has and how many times you're cheered on by your friends! Ask them to give you some support via wall posts...

When the race is finished your rodeo will show up a big chequered flag to let you know you can go in and click results to see how you did, you can even see an animated version of the race!

Horses take some time to rest and recuperate so you can pick another horse, wait for your horse to be ready or feed them some Bronco Tonic to get them all geed up again...

Finally, as with all new buildings we'll be getting ourselves a new collection...

...and a new badge to be getting on with!

Rodeo PeeWee - Do 3 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 100 XP, 1 Carrot, 200 Coins
Rodeo Rookie - Do 50 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 2 HS
Rodeo Amateur - Do 100 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 4 HS
Rodeo Professional - Do 200 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 7 HS, Rodeo Sign

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Friday 17 June 2011

Camping under the stars!

As your homestead is right on the route to the Pioneer Trail it's time to build up a campsite and see if you can get some experienced pioneer folk to stop off and give you a hint on how to live life on the Trail!

Here's the exciting part, once all the campers decide it's time to move on... it's time for us ALL to hit the Pioneer Trail!

First up a mission will appear to get y'all  to build a campsite the usual way, place it, whack it, finish it with 6 new materials...

Once it's done the first camper, The Carpenter will mosey on up to the fire and tell his tale, asking you for your help along the way in the Carpenter's Mission....

Once that missions finished it'll be time for the next pioneer, the Hunter to sit herself down and take some weight off her feet, bringing a new story and the Hunter's Mission...

Next up comes the Medical Man with the Doctor's Mission...

The Fightin' Man with the Soldier's Mission...

And finally the Bargaining Man with the Trader's Mission...

Each mission will follow on from the previous one but after the Hunter you need to click the campsite and select "hear next story" to continue.

The missions are timed though because the Trail waits for no-one, and that includes YOU! Once they all decide to be taking to the Trail... they'll be takin' you withem!

Make sure you pickup some of the new Pioneer Campsite Collectibles too, and get a nice warm sleeping bag fer two!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Here Shops The Bride...

Poor Hank, despite being married before he obviously forgot that the Groom's fun ends with the proposal and that's when the Bride's fun (and spending) begins!

Hank's had his turn with the Wedding Wagon and now it's Fanny's turn to get her hands on the big white wagon to get herself some shiny new things to decorate the homestead for her wedding and get that most important and talked about part...

Yes folks, if the recent Royal Wedding is anything to go by it's time for weeks (ok, hours) of speculation about the dress! Who's designed it? What will it look like? Will it be classic or modern? All will be revealed!

It'll all start off with Fanny taking a walk to the Wedding Wagon then coming to ask for your help to plan her wedding! This will begin the four mission thread associated with her preparations (all details HERE)

It'll also open up... the Wedding Store! (Hank's already clutching his credit card painfully)

In here you can spend "gifts" (requested from friends) for a variety of wedding based decorations and a couple of special edition animals...

...and also the most important thing, the Dressform that you'll use to craft Fanny's gown!

Placing it on your homestead will open up two menu options from it, Sew Dress will give you a "Proposal" type screen showing what you'll need to make the dress...

...and the Sewing Basket, which is the dress' crafting area. (Lacing, Embroidery, Silk and Tuille are all mission rewards)

Finally, when you manage to complete all the missions (all details HERE) and sew the dress you can customise it to make Fanny look as beautiful as you want her to look for her special day!

So, how exited are you as we near the wedding day? Come and have some pre-nuptial chat on our Facebook Page.