Wednesday 15 June 2011

Here Shops The Bride...

Poor Hank, despite being married before he obviously forgot that the Groom's fun ends with the proposal and that's when the Bride's fun (and spending) begins!

Hank's had his turn with the Wedding Wagon and now it's Fanny's turn to get her hands on the big white wagon to get herself some shiny new things to decorate the homestead for her wedding and get that most important and talked about part...

Yes folks, if the recent Royal Wedding is anything to go by it's time for weeks (ok, hours) of speculation about the dress! Who's designed it? What will it look like? Will it be classic or modern? All will be revealed!

It'll all start off with Fanny taking a walk to the Wedding Wagon then coming to ask for your help to plan her wedding! This will begin the four mission thread associated with her preparations (all details HERE)

It'll also open up... the Wedding Store! (Hank's already clutching his credit card painfully)

In here you can spend "gifts" (requested from friends) for a variety of wedding based decorations and a couple of special edition animals...

...and also the most important thing, the Dressform that you'll use to craft Fanny's gown!

Placing it on your homestead will open up two menu options from it, Sew Dress will give you a "Proposal" type screen showing what you'll need to make the dress...

...and the Sewing Basket, which is the dress' crafting area. (Lacing, Embroidery, Silk and Tuille are all mission rewards)

Finally, when you manage to complete all the missions (all details HERE) and sew the dress you can customise it to make Fanny look as beautiful as you want her to look for her special day!

So, how exited are you as we near the wedding day? Come and have some pre-nuptial chat on our Facebook Page.