Thursday 30 May 2013

Flying Squirrel

Sorry, but I had to post this... HOW cute is this little fellow?

Scavenging the Stead

Any Doctor is only as good as his medicine, and if Doc runs out of what he needs, the stead is in trouble, so it's time to take a shopping list and explore the wilds to find everything he needs for what he knows... and find some new boosts along the way.

The missions will be a little bit different from many others though... this is going to be something with a twist...

As usual though, it'll be popup time...

That will kick off, wait for it... 12 missions split into three threads, and a wrapper... (all details HERE) but no build! We do have one small placeable, the Bison Cart, which will contain the mechanic for the missions.

We're also going to get three new craftable "Allure" boosts that will let us make all the stored animals of that type ready... The three new ones are Ox, Horse and Sheep!

Each uses 10 Alluring Bottles (Wall Post) and a varying amount of items that come from mission rewards from this thread.

So, how are these missions going to work? Well, each set (which opens over three days) takes in one wrapper and three smaller missions and will be accessed on a nice little map of the area we're scavenging.

OK, I'm now going to say something but don't rush off wringing hands, read on a bit first... The three smaller missions in each thread are repeatable. WAIT! Yes, I know, but before we go R-Word Flippy ALL repeats are personal choice.

There is no wrapper that requires you to repeat missions, there is no requirement that will MAKE you repeat anything, there's no collectible like Petals or Potluck Plates.

The only reason to repeat the missions are for extra rewards and to speed up the missions themselves. It is still more than possible to finish all the missions without doing anything more than once.

Instead, the wrappers will require us to get the Collections, each giving a crate that will contain the items needed along with some small XP and coin goodies.

The collections will drop from the Bison Cart, various mission rewards and some market items, three healable items and a new free gift crop, Wild Mushrooms...

So, let's get hunting!

Thursday 23 May 2013

It's Cake and Pressies Time!

We're approaching the third birthday of what began as Frontierville and is now Pioneer Trail!

That means lots of fun, a nice classic mission thread and lots and lots of presents for us, the players!

First up we need to plan and build a party for the Homesteaders to celebrate (no random, repeat or partnering!) and then we get our hands on some AWESOME new rewards and goodies...

So, first up the popup...

Which will launch a four mission thread, a wrapper and a Timed mission to launch on the Birthday itself (all details HERE).

We'll also see the left hand sideboard (currently the Butterflies) switch to another gorgeously drawn area, the Frontier Park which will build into the ultimate birthday party location (all build details HERE).

The mission itself is ridiculously simple, we will see one new "healable" but there's no randomness, it's merely a goodie chest, the Party Pinata, we'll get two as a mission reward and then they'll unlock for coins in the Market on Tuesday when we'll need to open some for the Wrapper.

Which is opened with 6 Sweet Stuffin, which is crafted with 2 Belly Bags (Goats) and 2 Sweet Treats (Wall Post.

There will be a new free gift crop...

and a Collection that gives Cattle Power...

So, that's that out the way... so what about our pressies?!

First up is a Level Cap Raise! Yes we're going to see a brand new set of 50 levels, taking normal players to the previously VIP level of 250 and offering VIP players a raise all the way to 300!

Next up are expansions to two of our homestead buildings, another 250 spaces in the Animal Hospital and a GREENHOUSE UPGRADE! Yes, the previously premium only Greenhouse upgrade will be the final reward from the four mission thread, giving 63 new crop spaces!

And finally, last but most definitely not least, the Anniversary sale! That will offer Premium products at the cut price of 1HS or just coins, that includes Animals...

...buildings, decorations and free gift CROPS!

And the best part is all 12 crops will become permanent coin purchases!

So, what are you waiting for? It's PAAAAAAAARTY time!

Monday 20 May 2013

Breeding Like Rabbits

Bunnies Breed like Bunnies, we know that, but do you ever what comes from different types of them?

Now you get to find out as we start Bunny Breeding on the Homestead (Like it needs input from us).

The Breeding isn't a whole new thread, merely a small mechanic brought in with the wrappers for the Bunny Partnering Missions.

It doesn't even need any brand new rabbits as it'll use the ones we've been partnering on.

So, how will it work?

Well, we simply click one of our Partnered bunnies on our homestead and select the Breed icon.

From there that will then bring up the breeding screen where we can pick who we want to breed with. (Well, the rabbits... or maybe not, we're open minded).

The screen will show a list of neighbours with bunnies you can breed with, or you can choose to join up with Bess instead and buy one of her rabbits.

The rabbit then becomes pregnant...

... and needs feeding 6 Hare Tonics which drop from Brown, Pink and White Rabbits. These originally came from healing Pregnant Bunnies and means you may have some in your inventory. If not they're mission rewards and can be bought.

Once it's fed you'll get a screen where you can see what you've bred...

...and the Bunny in question will "retire" and go in your Show Pen.

That's it! Bunny breeding in a hurry! For a more complete guide, click HERE.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Hopping Together

The one thing we can always be sure of when it comes to Spring is that the Rabbits are going to... well, start acting like rabbits.

Now, if there's one thing Bess loves it's her Rabbit and she has decided it's time to show off all the things she can do with it and have a contest!

That means a new Partnering set of missions with a floppy eared bent to them!

As usual, it's popup to start time!

That will kick off a series of 5 missions and a pair of wrappers/extra missions to hit at the start of next week (all details HERE) along with a four step build, the Rabbit Ranch (all details HERE).

The missions themselves will have a familiar mechanic to us all...

First up you choose one of three different Rabbits, one coin, one HS and Free Gift and one just Premium.

Those are then fed 34 times in total (by yourself or shared with a partner) with Green Goodies, which are each crafted with 2 Pristine Nettles (Wild Nettles/Cabbage) and 3 Veggie Stalks (Wall Post).

They're then weighed and scored with rewards popping out depending on weight, time and random factors.

You probably noticed the new free gift crop that can drop the stuff from the feed...

...and that will be joined (once you complete Mission 2) with the Furry Bunny type.

Those will also be in the market along with some mission and bunny related goodies...

...and finally we'll see a new collection that'll drop the Nettle plant and the Nettle items for Rabbit Feed.

So lets make the bunnies do what bunnies do best!

Thursday 9 May 2013

Pack Away The Partnering

From animals to snowmen and even pumpkins, we've been doing our neighbourly duty partnering up with all manner of items for a spot short of 12 months now.

Well, Hank has decided it's time to get us one big building that'll do all the training of these critters and keep track of all the items we've done so we can show the kids just how to do it in the future.

And so, to that end, the Grange is born.

As usual, it's popup time...

That will kick off a 5 mission thread and a wrapper to arrive on Monday (all details HERE) along with a 4 step building, the Grange itself (all details HERE).

The Grange is a building storage building to hold all the different buildings we've had through the course of the last year... That's the Shearin' Salon (Fluffy Sheep), the Snow Slide (Snowmen), Kitten Corral (Cuddly Kittens), Holiday Glade (Decorations), Ice Hotel (Ice Sculptures), Fitness Fort (Burly Bulls), Training Centre (Ponies), Show Course (Dogs), Carving Station (Pumpkins), Turkey Track (Turkeys) and the Pig Pavilion (Pigs).

As well as the normal window showing what buildings are in there, we'll also have the "Almanac" button.

This will open up a history book of all your different partnering efforts, allow you to purchase variations you don't have yet AND let you collect special rewards for getting all three.

We'll see a new free gift crop...

...which will also be in the market along with some mission reward Horseshoe animals...

...and the final item, a "healable" called the Prize Mystery Basket.

These are healed with 6 Prize Packages, which are made with 2 Prize Power (Radishes) and 3 Frontier Gifts (Wall Post).

Once healed these will drop a bundle of feed for the different Partnering animals!

They appear in the market once we get the Wrapper on Monday, which is a traditional type, wrapping up the missions themselves... and comes with a rather unique decoration reward...

Gotta love that pig!

So, let's get building and pack those partner buildings away.