Thursday 23 May 2013

It's Cake and Pressies Time!

We're approaching the third birthday of what began as Frontierville and is now Pioneer Trail!

That means lots of fun, a nice classic mission thread and lots and lots of presents for us, the players!

First up we need to plan and build a party for the Homesteaders to celebrate (no random, repeat or partnering!) and then we get our hands on some AWESOME new rewards and goodies...

So, first up the popup...

Which will launch a four mission thread, a wrapper and a Timed mission to launch on the Birthday itself (all details HERE).

We'll also see the left hand sideboard (currently the Butterflies) switch to another gorgeously drawn area, the Frontier Park which will build into the ultimate birthday party location (all build details HERE).

The mission itself is ridiculously simple, we will see one new "healable" but there's no randomness, it's merely a goodie chest, the Party Pinata, we'll get two as a mission reward and then they'll unlock for coins in the Market on Tuesday when we'll need to open some for the Wrapper.

Which is opened with 6 Sweet Stuffin, which is crafted with 2 Belly Bags (Goats) and 2 Sweet Treats (Wall Post.

There will be a new free gift crop...

and a Collection that gives Cattle Power...

So, that's that out the way... so what about our pressies?!

First up is a Level Cap Raise! Yes we're going to see a brand new set of 50 levels, taking normal players to the previously VIP level of 250 and offering VIP players a raise all the way to 300!

Next up are expansions to two of our homestead buildings, another 250 spaces in the Animal Hospital and a GREENHOUSE UPGRADE! Yes, the previously premium only Greenhouse upgrade will be the final reward from the four mission thread, giving 63 new crop spaces!

And finally, last but most definitely not least, the Anniversary sale! That will offer Premium products at the cut price of 1HS or just coins, that includes Animals...

...buildings, decorations and free gift CROPS!

And the best part is all 12 crops will become permanent coin purchases!

So, what are you waiting for? It's PAAAAAAAARTY time!