Thursday 30 May 2013

Scavenging the Stead

Any Doctor is only as good as his medicine, and if Doc runs out of what he needs, the stead is in trouble, so it's time to take a shopping list and explore the wilds to find everything he needs for what he knows... and find some new boosts along the way.

The missions will be a little bit different from many others though... this is going to be something with a twist...

As usual though, it'll be popup time...

That will kick off, wait for it... 12 missions split into three threads, and a wrapper... (all details HERE) but no build! We do have one small placeable, the Bison Cart, which will contain the mechanic for the missions.

We're also going to get three new craftable "Allure" boosts that will let us make all the stored animals of that type ready... The three new ones are Ox, Horse and Sheep!

Each uses 10 Alluring Bottles (Wall Post) and a varying amount of items that come from mission rewards from this thread.

So, how are these missions going to work? Well, each set (which opens over three days) takes in one wrapper and three smaller missions and will be accessed on a nice little map of the area we're scavenging.

OK, I'm now going to say something but don't rush off wringing hands, read on a bit first... The three smaller missions in each thread are repeatable. WAIT! Yes, I know, but before we go R-Word Flippy ALL repeats are personal choice.

There is no wrapper that requires you to repeat missions, there is no requirement that will MAKE you repeat anything, there's no collectible like Petals or Potluck Plates.

The only reason to repeat the missions are for extra rewards and to speed up the missions themselves. It is still more than possible to finish all the missions without doing anything more than once.

Instead, the wrappers will require us to get the Collections, each giving a crate that will contain the items needed along with some small XP and coin goodies.

The collections will drop from the Bison Cart, various mission rewards and some market items, three healable items and a new free gift crop, Wild Mushrooms...

So, let's get hunting!