Tuesday 7 May 2013

Fun In The Ring

If there's one problem with living in a small town on the frontier it's that you have to make your own entertainment!

The kids have seen a circus train head through on the railroad and are now wondering if they'll ever get a chance to see one for themselves.

So, our intrepid homesteaders, with your help as usual, are going to make sure that they sure will!

The circus series is going to be a buildingless set of three small threads, each running alongside each other, and one wrapper mission. (all details HERE).

The first set is a general Circus intro and includes lion taming (of a kind). It'll introduce two new things. The first, a new decoration with a bonus, is the Fortune teller...

That will be collectible every 6 hours and drop a variety of fortunes and bonuses.

The second thing is a new species of Partner Pig, the Circus Pig... Yes, it's a bit of partnering but with a breed we've already seen before, so no new mission and it uses Hog Chow, which many may still have some stocks of... (If you need a refresher Hog Chow takes 2 Ground Corndogs (Corndog Crops/Corn) and 3 Sugary Shortening (Wall Post).

The second mission thread sees the Frontier couple of Hank and Fanny slip into lycra (or the Frontier equivalent) and take to the skies as trapeze artists!

The third mission thread then sees Doc invent a cannon to fire a man out of! Well, actually... to fire a Granny out of...

These last two threads are fairly gentle with some crafting, until we finally find the wrapper which simply ties everything together and get's us something of a unique rideable...

We will see one new free gift crop in the gifts and the market section...

...but generally we'll be using stuff we already know and love!

So, who's ringmaster?