Thursday 2 May 2013

Spring Loaded Florals

It's Springtime and that means flowers!

Join in the floral fun on the Homestead by building the Sunset Flower Celebration Display and crafting bright and beautiful floral displays for the homestead!

We'll see all manner of new things to give a jolt of Spring to the stead, even a brand new market!

As usual, it'll be a popup to start.

That will start a series of 8 missions that will release two a day over the next four days and a trio of wrappers that will sit over them all (all details HERE).

They'll be available inside a non-built-buildable, the Spring Flower Celebration Display:

The screens inside will be the usual ones we're used to, with flowers that open to show when you've completed the missions for the first time.

There is a twist on the usual repeatable missions however, instead of collecting for a Sweepstakes the items we get for each mission (in this case, Petals) are actually currency that we can spend in a new area, the Petal Market!

Three of the things in there are new flower bed decorations, the light, dark and cactus displays:

These are crafted by growing flowers from the Pots in the Market and Petal Market.

Each of those act like a healable animal and are grown with Floral Filling, an item that's crafted with 3 Rich Soil (Sunflowers/Sunny Poppies) and 2 Special Seeds (Wall Post)

The Sunlit Pot takes 6 Floral Filling, the Moonlit Pot takes 7 and the Cactus Bed takes 8.

You'll have spotted "Sunny Poppies" before and they're the new free gift crop...

...which is also in the market along with a few other new goodies.

Finally we'll see a collection that will give Petals and Sunny Poppies!

So, let's get growing...