Monday 29 October 2012

Safely Gathered In...

It's Autumn time and we know what that means, it's time to start gathering in the final crops and prepare for winter.

Of course, what's traditional about this time of year is a good Harvest Festival to show our thanks for what we've reaped, so it's time to start preparing by finishing off the final harvest.

We're going to build ourselves some tools that will help around the homestead and also help us boost our crops up to new heights.

As usual, a popup will kick everything off.

From there we'll get a four mission thread (all details HERE), one "building" build and three tool builds (all details HERE).

The main build will be a new steam powered Combine Harvester.

This will have the added bonus of dropping crop boosts every day including the brand new.... FORGE boosts! Yes, we're finally getting our hands on boosts for Steel and Brass Forges free from a drop.

The more you upgrade the harvester, the better the boosts that drop.

Then, we have three tools to build, all with the same base but with different clearing tools attached, one for Wildflowers, one for Grass, one for Rocks.

(I'm unofficially naming them (bottom to top) Hardnut Goat, Hippie Goat and Stoner Goat)

These are fully useable tools crafted during the missions and all build details are in our guide.

As usual we get a new crop, Asparagus...

...and a brand new collection that will drop from it and the Harvester, which, as a reward, gives Forge Ready Boosts!

Oh, and completing the missions... gives you this awesome Harvest Moon on your homestead... so let's get gathering!

Thursday 25 October 2012

Jack's Fortune, Going, Going, Gone...

Well, that didn't take long!

Jack has already managed to blow his way through his new found oil fortune (check his homestead for proof!) and finds himself with a lot of things he doesn't need! We all know what it's like when we've got a bit of disposable income in our pockets...

So now, we're going to help him and Hank build a little auction block to get rid of his items, and then we can maybe borrow it afterwards to clear out a few things from our own overstocked inventories!

Guess what, it's a popup!

This will kick off a five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four step build for the Auction Block (all details HERE).

Through the missions we'll clear out Jack's junk cupboard, but once they're finished, it's our turn! Yep, we're going to get to clear some mess from our own! 

Yes folks, it's not just Jack who gets to auction stuff! The completed auction block can be used 5 times a day, auctioning off our old stuff in return for one of four special Mystery Crates.

Once we place the item we want rid of in the Auction Block the game checks how much it's worth and transforms it into a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Mystery crates.

Those crates can contain any mix of special items, boosts and other goodies that are more help than the original junk!

To give you some ideas of what you can get, Bronze could be Sheep Shampoo, meals or a boost. Silver's top items include Tough Hands Tonic and Squeezing the Stone Boost Books, Gold's lucky openers could find Lumber Tree serum or some of the best boosts in the game, including the Raging Buffalo and top tier Leather boosts and the extra special Platinum Crate can pop out a Frontier Fritter, an Aged Salmon, Beef Jerky or even a Crazier Cake!

We'll also see a few new items in the market, although they're also items from Mission rewards or the crates.

So lets get rid of all Jack's tat, and then we can dump some of our own!

Monday 22 October 2012

Mummy Means Business

It's been a year since we discovered Ghost Town and now an old enemy is back to try and cause us trouble like a bad penny...

There's a lot of things that's great to receive through the post, love letters, birthday presents, paychecks... but I think most people would consider a grumpy Mummy with a curse fetish to be in the "rather not column.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what we have to deal with!

As usual it all starts with a popup, containing something of a spoiler to who the mystery sender might be.

This kicks off a series of five missions (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE).

It'll also lead to a new NPC, and boy is he grumpy...

...and not much of a conversationalist.

He's also got a nasty habit of creating cursed animals on you homestead that need healing with special anti-curse charms.

The cursed pig takes 6 charms...

...and the cursed sheep take 12.

We'll also see Mummy Trees that are a market purchase or mission reward and these take Mummy Wrap to grow.

Along with the tree there's a new Free Gift and market crop that will be used during the missions.

Of course, we also see a brand new collection! (Which has been added to our Sortable Collections page)

So let's do our best to get that Mummy back in his box and back to sender!

Thursday 18 October 2012

It's a Carve Up

Well, Halloween is nearing and we know what that means, no bumpy orange fruit is safe from the savage slicing of the pumpkin carver...

Granny's going to get her sharpest knife out (tell me THAT'S not a scary thought) and teach us the ancient art of gourd slicing...

As usual, everything will announce itself on our homestead with a popup.

This will kick off a series of five missions (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE)

It will all seem familiar, it's a standard "team up" challenge where we'll be competing to have the best and biggest Pumpkins on the Homestead.

We'll see 5 different pumpkins, and each will have a different design, Traditional, Faces, Animals, Cute and Spooky.

Only the Spooky one is Horseshoes and it's unlikely you'll want to buy any as they'll come as rewards when carving the other Pumpkin types.

As you can see, all the usual mechanics for weighing and scoring are there... is the usual manager screen inside the building.

To grow out Pumpkin we'll need 15 Pumpkin Plumpers, which are made from one request item and one item that will drop on the from Cabbage and....

...the new Free Gift crop.

There's also a coin purchase tree and a premium animal that comes as a mission reward.

So lets get carving...

Monday 15 October 2012

Read Bread Redemption

Jail isn't just about incarceration, it's about redemption, and it's time to find some good in our most recent criminals!

The Gratchetts have served their time in prison and now they need to find something to occupy their minds and naughty little hands...

So it's up to you to find out what our neighbourhood naughties are good at and see if they've got skills to switch to an honest living.

The missions will be split into four small mission threads, one for each redeeming job.

On Monday we'll receive Bo and Runt....

Then Tuesday we'll get the Sissy Gratchett thread...

And then Wednesday is time for the ultimate Femme Not-Fatale (it's a family game...) Amy Steele, along with a nice easy wrapper.

We've got all missions HERE or you can find them by thread as well... BO, RUNT, SISSY and AMY.

Completing all the missions gives you the Gratchett's Treasure Trove! A cash filled chest of goodies with a daily bonus.

We'll see one new item on the Free Gift page...

...and in the market, along with a new animal.

We'll also see a new collection!

So lets see if we can save those Gratchetts from a life of crime...