Thursday 28 November 2013

City Wardrobe Animated

I had to share the awesome animation on the new City Wardrobe :D

Happy Snappy

Living in the middle of the Frontier means you're constantly meeting new people, by accident or by design!

Well, this time around it'll be accident as travelling photographer Milly crashes her Camera Wagon right on the outskirts to our town and needs our help to get going again.

Of course, it wont be all one way, as while she's here she might as well take some pretty shots of us and our homestead!

As usual, everything starts with a popup.

That will kick off 5 missions in a thread, a wrapper and a mission to arrive on Monday (all details HERE). They'll be alongside a four step build, the Camera Wagon (all details HERE)

The missions are a basic thread but we will see three new healables, a Busted Camera, a Photo Camera and a Sewing Machine.

Each Busted Camera takes 6 Camera Bits that are crafted from 1 Wooden Leg (Pine) and 3 Sliding Rails (Wall Post)

Each Photo Camera requires 7 Negative Paper that is crafted from 2 Silver Salt (Silver Vein) and 3 Table Salt (Wall Post)

Each Sewing machine requires 8 Mending Cloths that are crafted from 2 Shimmering Patches (Silk) and 3 Dyed Thread (Wall Post)

We'll also see a new Free Gift crop, the Silver Vein.

One of the best parts of this mission however surrounds the rewards...

First up we're going to have to dress up all nice if we want our photos taken, so we'll see 6 new outfits, 3 male and 3 female and all mission rewards.


Then, after completing the wrapper we get a little extra storage with a new decoration, the City Wardrobe.

This decoration will act as another Stuffed Bear storage area, bringing the storeable total up to 50!

So, what are we waiting for... smile and say cheese!

Thursday 21 November 2013

Back in Black

There's trouble afoot and a new criminal gang to worry about...

Yes, recently captured Mayor Witherwood has fessed up some info in return for leniency, Amy Steele is back in town and has her eyes set higher than just messing with our Harvest Festival, she's looking to start a brand new crew to cause mischief...

So, seems it's time for us, and the lawfolk of the Frontier to get together and track down devious cowgirl and her new associates... Although first we have to find out who those associates are...

As usual, we'll see a popup to start...

From there it's a fairly basic 5 mission thread, with one wrapper today and an associated wrapper on Monday (all details HERE) and a 4 step "story" build, so not a building as such, but storyline sections (all details HERE).

We will have a couple new placeable decoration/buildings... but these are something special. It's the Brambles and the Quarry...

These buildings are more than just the standard items however, they'll also double up as Thorn and Rock Storage! Yes, Debris Storage is starting!

Each will store 8 (16 on completion of missions) items of debris, Thorns in the Brambles, Rocks in the Quarry. There is a cooldown between putting items in (16 hours, then 8 hours after completing missions) and you can decide whether to clear one item or all of them.

There's only one "new" or different item in the missions which is a mechanic a little like Ted's Chests/Analysers or the Nature Shrine/Spirits. See, we need to get information from Mayor Witherwood and when we do it turns out we're going to have to save some animals in distress!

First up the information... that comes from tying Mayor Witherwood to an Interrogation Chair or Bed...

Don't worry, there's minimal waterboarding or sleep deprivation... instead we'll be asking for one of two wall post items, the Bed uses Bad Poetry Books (I bet it's the Young Lady From Cairo) and the Chair uses Tickling Feathers.

Once you've weasled some info out of him, he'll drop an animal in distress, the Hogtied Hog, Time-BAAmb Sheep or Railroad Heffer...

All three of these are healed with the SAME item, a wall post item, Rope Cutters.

They then give out Collection items, there is a collection for this mission, Amy's Hideout, which will be needed to trade in, HOWEVER, these aren't really random but instead come from specific animals.

The Hogtied Hog drops the first two, the Time-BAAmb Sheep drops the third and fourth items and the Railroad Heffer drops the final item, all when fully healed.

There's also one free gift crop...

...and a few new market items for the mission!

There's also a couple new boosts, including one Craftable for Monday, that will let you call a Groundhog onto your stead!

So, Deputy Badges on!

Friday 15 November 2013

Thanks and Giving

It's Thanksgiving and the Wikiwah Tribe are so thankful for all we've done for them this year they want to throw some of their traditional games for us to play and to teach us Wikiwah talents.

So, if you've ever wanted to dance, do pottery, shoot arrows or tell stories, this is the thread for you!

As usual things will start with a popup.

That will start a series of 8 two per day missions, a Thursday wrapper and a Monday wrapper (all details HERE). Although, no build, just a placeable, the Wikiwah Camp, where we'll be able to access the missions...

As usual, that'll bring up a mission screen where we'll see all 8 missions and be able to start them up.

We'll also see the two "extra" rewards for completing the first and second sets.

As for new stuff in this thread we'll see one new Free Gift Crop...

Which will be in the market alongside a new Coin Crop, and some extra mission based goodies...

That includes two healables, The Autumn Loom and Shooting Range and one decoration with a bonus the Pottery Tent. Each of the healables will be healed with 8 crafted items, and all details are in the relevant mission posts. The Pottery tent takes one item per use.

Finally we'll see a new collection!

So, time to play!

Thursday 7 November 2013

Snug as a Bear in a Rug

It's winter time on the homestead and that means only one thing for the local wildlife, it's time to Hibernate!

(If I'm honest while I'm typing this I can't feel my fingers so I might join them...)

Only problem is Ted is worried about the animals and whether, with all the upheaval of the drought etc, they've got the right amount of shelter to do it right...

So, in we step to save the day, build a Dormitarium and make sure the homestead animals are safe... including four very special ones, but more on that later... ;)

First up, a popup...

That will start a four mission thread with one wrapper now and one delayed wrapper on Monday (all details HERE) and a three step build (all details HERE) the Dormitarium.

The missions themselves are... ok, I'll say it, they're Partnering, but hold fire, because there are some differences.

Instead of buying animals at first you find them in Slipshod and Breezy Dens which are bought in the market...

The Slipshod Den is coins and can drop all four types, the Breezy one is a mission reward and horseshoe purchase and has a better chance of dropping rarer animals and can also drop a bundle of the feed.

These are healables that use 6 Transfer Cages (Slipshod)  or 4 Trails of Bait (Breezy) which are both 2 hour Wall Post items to pop out a partner animal...

when healed the dens will drop one of four different types of Hibernator and once you find a specific type they'll open up in the market to buy at your leisure. These are a variety, not one specific species, called Petite, Fuzzy, Spiky and Bear.

Each one is then fed with 17 Hibernation Kits (yes, 17!), which are crafted from 2 Hearty Acorns (New Valerian Crops or Oak Trees) and 3 Warm Jammies (Wall Post).

From there we'll see the usual manager and weighing screens with all animals needing to get over 101 BMI points to get a Gold Nightcap (these are just for show, no mission requirements). Oh, and no breeding ;)

They'll then become the normal different varieties... only, some of these are not so normal, because you remember me mentioning Special Animals? Well...

We've always been proud and honoured by our connections within the PT team. Well, we were chatting to one of the lovely Devs the other day and he sprung a little surprise on us...

They asked our permission to use our names (well, 4 of them, more later) and after we acted like giggling little fangirls and a fanboy, we said yes.

So, can I present, in alphabetical order... Ms Amy Munk, Andy Ursine, Foxy Marjo and Quill Gillian, four of us in animal form! (One will come from each different variety of the partner animals)

(If you want to see them animated, they're HERE)

We love them (obviously) and we think it's awesome how they took our Express theme and Postman Merc and worked it into these animals... If your favourite Admin isn't in the list don't worry, there's more plans! Obviously we are grateful beyond belief for this gift from Zynga :)

So, I will shake off my goosebumps (I'm a fanboy, what can I say?!) and on with the news... because there's more.

For new stuff we'll see the new free gift crop mentioned earlier...

...and a new collection which will drop the kits needed to feed the animals.

So, lets get Hibernating, Race to see who gets me first!