Thursday 28 November 2013

Happy Snappy

Living in the middle of the Frontier means you're constantly meeting new people, by accident or by design!

Well, this time around it'll be accident as travelling photographer Milly crashes her Camera Wagon right on the outskirts to our town and needs our help to get going again.

Of course, it wont be all one way, as while she's here she might as well take some pretty shots of us and our homestead!

As usual, everything starts with a popup.

That will kick off 5 missions in a thread, a wrapper and a mission to arrive on Monday (all details HERE). They'll be alongside a four step build, the Camera Wagon (all details HERE)

The missions are a basic thread but we will see three new healables, a Busted Camera, a Photo Camera and a Sewing Machine.

Each Busted Camera takes 6 Camera Bits that are crafted from 1 Wooden Leg (Pine) and 3 Sliding Rails (Wall Post)

Each Photo Camera requires 7 Negative Paper that is crafted from 2 Silver Salt (Silver Vein) and 3 Table Salt (Wall Post)

Each Sewing machine requires 8 Mending Cloths that are crafted from 2 Shimmering Patches (Silk) and 3 Dyed Thread (Wall Post)

We'll also see a new Free Gift crop, the Silver Vein.

One of the best parts of this mission however surrounds the rewards...

First up we're going to have to dress up all nice if we want our photos taken, so we'll see 6 new outfits, 3 male and 3 female and all mission rewards.


Then, after completing the wrapper we get a little extra storage with a new decoration, the City Wardrobe.

This decoration will act as another Stuffed Bear storage area, bringing the storeable total up to 50!

So, what are we waiting for... smile and say cheese!