Thursday 29 December 2011

Time For a Hoedown...

The honeymooners are back, yes Hank and Fanny have returned to the homestead and they're going to throw a party to show their friends how they missed them!

For all the mission details, CLICK HERE.

For that you'll need to build a Hoedown stage...

So its time to get your dancing shoes on and swing those partners!

Thursday 22 December 2011

She's Feeling a Little Horse...

Will you be able to help save Bess' pregnant horse and deliver a nice strong colt?

Try the new Wikiwah mission thread, A Little Miracle, to find out!

Wednesday 21 December 2011

End Of Year Sale!

A new End of Year Sale including some new animals and the MONUMENTAL EXPANSION!

Monumental Expansion Explained!

Folks, we have got to the bottom of the Monumental Expansion!

It will VERY soon be able to be bought (for a limited time only) for Horseshoes (280HS). This will be an INSTANT expansion.

It will hopefully then be available in the new year as a coin purchase with all the missions attached as usual but for now, and for a short time, it's a premium extra.

Monday 19 December 2011

The Energy Windmill

If you're feeling a little flush this Christmas why not treat yourself to a special present...

Yes, the energy windmill will give you unlimited free energy for a week! At first it costs 175 Horseshoes and shows as charged when the bolt glows blue and the door is lit...

Then, when it's out of charge (after one week) Jack will pop up and let you recharge the Mill for 125 HS, giving you another full week of free energy!

Thursday 15 December 2011

The Magic Of Winter

To welcome in Winter on the homestead it's time for a premium collection of items to ice up our homestead!

Rather than just give us animals we'll be given crops, trees and decorations as well!

The Snow Crystals are unlocked at purchase so you can buy as many as you like.

Collecting from the items will give you collectibles towards the new Magic of Winter collection:

0-200 In... Eighteen Months?

Hundreds of new missions, crops, trees, animals and buildings down... but it's as we slide near the end of 2011 one of the most begged for features (by high level players) is here, the Great Level Cap Raise!

Yep, here comes Level 200!

And not only will we get all the usual rewards of a full energy refill and a horseshoes there's a lot more to come with the levels!

For starters, there are extra bonuses every 5 levels:

155 - 4 Hour Double Mastery, 3 Cookies
160 - 3 Cookies
165 - 12 hour Double mastery, 3 Cookies
170 - 3 Cookies
175 - 2 Animal Ready and 2 Animal Harvest Boost, 2 Molten Cakes
180 - 2 Molten Cakes
185 - 24 Hour Double Mastery, 2 Molten Cakes
190 - 1 Crazy Cake
195 - 10 Super Orchids, 10 Super Strawberries, 10 Super Wheat, 10 Super Grapes, 10 Super Corn, 1  Crazy Cake
200 - 1 Crazy Cake

And every 10 levels, something very special!

Level 160... Kumquat Trees!

Level 170 - California Poppies!

Level 180 - Tulip Poplars!

Level 190 - Musk Ox!

And Finally.... Level 200, the RIDEABLE Irish Deer!

So, are you happy to be seeing more levels? Do you like the new goodies? Come tell us on our Facebook Page.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

10 Days of Presents Sweepstakes!

Christmas is about to arrive on the Homestead and what better way to spread the festive to cheer than collecting presents for all our Homestead characters! We, in turn will be rewarded with Stocking Stuffers which will unlock some great prizes and enter us into the Holiday Sweepstakes!

You will know that the time is right when the Holiday Lodge appears on the right hand side of your Homestead -

And this pop up will begin a SERIES OF THREE MISSIONS (See them HERE)

But not only that! Clicking on the Holiday Lodge will bring up this menu -

There are 10 REPEATABLE MISSIONS - Each one unlocking 24 hours after the previous one.

Complete the 10 Days of Presents Missions to get the rewards you can see above! As you complete the mission you will also unlock some NEW CROPS and a TREE

 As you can see the Frozen Orange Tree and Ginger are only purchased with Horseshoes BUT look out for them on the FREE GIFTS PAGE - send them to your friends, they will need them in order to complete some of the later missions.

Come and check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for all the latest updates, issues and news!

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Sunday 4 December 2011

The Holiday Workshop

To help out with our Festive Missions in Holiday Hollow we'll be building a Holiday Workshop on our Frontiers!

It'll all start off with that most familiar popup on the screen once we get to a certain mission in the Hollow.

From there it's the now very familiar list of 6 building materials, three to wall request, three to direct request.

Once built it'll have 3 pages of crafting full of items you'll need in the Hollow!