Thursday 31 January 2013

Saving Their Bacon!

There's an emergency on the Frontier!

The recent snows have built up on the mountain until it all became too much and we've had an avalanche!

That's trapped four climbers on the peaks and they desperately need your help to get them out of the snow and safe back down to base camp at the foot of the mountain.

As usual we'll see a popup to start the whole thing off...

This will kick off a four mission thread (all details plus future wrappers HERE) and a four step rescue of the four climbers (all details HERE).

The mountain itself will take over from Merryville on the right hand side of the screen, and will adapt as you do the missions to show the climbers being rescued...

We'll also have a small building on the Stead, the F.A.R.M. Building, Frontier Animal Rescue Members (I wonder how long they spent working out the M, guess we should be glad it's not Team).

That will drop daily Rescue Crates once the missions are done which are full of various items needed to heal up injured animals!

We'll see a new free gift crop...

...and a number of items in the market that will also double up as mission rewards.

...and here comes the best bit, they will also drop items for the rescue collection, which gives an Animal Ready Boost and four, count em, FOUR Red Eye Building Boosts!

But that's not all, because that might be tonight's goodies, but coming next Monday we'll be having to use F.A.R.M to find Ted (Possibly the world's most useless Frontiersman considering how often he needs rescuing)...

...and for that we're going to need some new Recruits for F.A.R.M... which leads us to another "heal and get something random" mission feature (see wrappers HERE).

This time we're taking Oinking recruits...

...and training them up using a Wall Post item, Rescue Skills.

Once trained they'll take on one of three forms, all of which we'll need one of each for the missions...

And once those missions are done... We may just find someone big, white and furry to join our homestead...

Monday 28 January 2013

Bigger is Better

Yes folks, it's time to get bigger, and it's not just one expansion mission, we're doubling up with even a little more for those who are feeling flush!

Yes, the last two expansions that have been available for purchase are now going to roll to us all for missions, giving us a double boost to our stead size.

Obviously if you did purchase either or both, you won't receive the connected missions.

First up is the 51x51 missions, where we get some sturdy fences around our new land... (all mission details HERE)

And then we'll be clearing brush and setting up a New Land Party for the 53x53 set!  (all mission details HERE)

Each will require you to complete the missions then buy the land in the Land Office, 51x51 costs 10 Land Grants, 53x53 costs 11.

Finally, if you are a Horseshoe buyer there's new land for you as well, as we'll be seeing a brand new 55x55 Expansion in the Market!

So lets get growing!

Thursday 24 January 2013

The Candymen Can...

The trading brothers Bart and Bert are back in town preparing to get the homesteaders addicted to the sugar rush from their new Candy Shop!

The homesteaders love their sweet treats and you will too when you see all the amazing things the treats can do, because these aren't just ordinary confections, these double up as helpful boosts on the homestead!

As usual, a pop-up will herald the arrival of new stuff!

That new stuff amounts to a five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Candy Shop itself! (All details HERE).

As you build the Candy Shop you'll have the chance, as we did with the Leatherworks and Smokehouse, to craft new sugary boosts to help you out on your homestead!

These will give you boosts ranging from a small boost of energy all the way through to TREBLE Fruit Tree drops! You can see a full guide to all the boosts, how to craft them and what they do HERE!

We'll also get two new crops, one free gift/HS crop and one coin, yes COIN crop!

They'll be in the market next to the new Gummi Bears and Butterscotch Cat, which is also a mission reward.

Finally we'll see not one, but TWO new collections!

Sooo, it's sweety time!

Thursday 17 January 2013

De-Ice Age

[Please note: This feature is due to release on Tuesday the 22nd of January]

There's been a bit of a shocker as the ice was getting cleared for the Ice Hotel and the Ice Art Contest...

We've found a bunch of poor animals, cryogenically frozen in ice under the ground, from who knows when!

Well, we can't have animals suffering in an icy sleep, it's up to us to get them out...

Each animal begins as a block of anonymous ice from the market...

...and is then melted using 10 Heating Torches, a wall post item.

Once they're melted out they can take one of three forms...

...and they'll in turn be used for a new mission, which also rolls on the 22nd (all details HERE) where we'll need one of each!

So get melting and be animal friendly in the snow...

Nice, Ice, Baby...

The one thing we know on the homestead is give them a chance at a contest of some kind and they'll grab it and run!

Winter is no different, and now there's a lot of that frozen water hanging around it seems the perfect time to craft some of it into some purdy chilly artworks!

Yes, it's the Frontier Ice Art contest rolling in and, as usual, we get to take part!

It's the familiar popup to lead off with...

...which will kick off a four mission, one wrapper series of missions (all details HERE) and a three step build (all details HERE). There's also another mission to run next week, all details for that are HERE).

The buildable will be the Ice Hotel, a smallish build of only three stages.

Once that is up and running the contest itself begins, and it will be a format well known to players.

First up we pick one of four different blocks of ice...

Those are then crafted (alone or with a partner) using Slushy Water, a craftable item made from 2 Snow Ice (Snow Piles and the new Snow Peas Crop) and Frigid Water, a wall post and, unlike other waters, that will be one for one.

As is normal each block will grow into one of four different designs...

...and is then scored in the Ice Contest itself.

Anything over 333 points, so 334 points and up, will then win the contest and an ice trophy!

Finally they are storeable, if you have room, in the Show Pen once the missions are completed.

We'll see one new crop, the aforementioned Snow Pea...

...and a new collection, that gives Aged Salmons!

So get your chisel out and start working...