Thursday 17 January 2013

Nice, Ice, Baby...

The one thing we know on the homestead is give them a chance at a contest of some kind and they'll grab it and run!

Winter is no different, and now there's a lot of that frozen water hanging around it seems the perfect time to craft some of it into some purdy chilly artworks!

Yes, it's the Frontier Ice Art contest rolling in and, as usual, we get to take part!

It's the familiar popup to lead off with...

...which will kick off a four mission, one wrapper series of missions (all details HERE) and a three step build (all details HERE). There's also another mission to run next week, all details for that are HERE).

The buildable will be the Ice Hotel, a smallish build of only three stages.

Once that is up and running the contest itself begins, and it will be a format well known to players.

First up we pick one of four different blocks of ice...

Those are then crafted (alone or with a partner) using Slushy Water, a craftable item made from 2 Snow Ice (Snow Piles and the new Snow Peas Crop) and Frigid Water, a wall post and, unlike other waters, that will be one for one.

As is normal each block will grow into one of four different designs...

...and is then scored in the Ice Contest itself.

Anything over 333 points, so 334 points and up, will then win the contest and an ice trophy!

Finally they are storeable, if you have room, in the Show Pen once the missions are completed.

We'll see one new crop, the aforementioned Snow Pea...

...and a new collection, that gives Aged Salmons!

So get your chisel out and start working...