Monday 14 January 2013

Costume Party

With more and more children on the Frontier, keeping them busy is becoming a job in itself!

So, what's better that letting the kids take care of themselves and have some dressup fun?

There's loads of stuff around the Homestead that the children can use to play with, they just need a helping hand!

First things first, there is NO BUILD! Instead we're going to see four individual threads over three days, each dealing with a different playtime! (You can see ALL the mission details HERE).

Coming up on MONDAY will be Play Settler and get our kids all set up in a Fort of their own!

(All Play Settler Missions HERE)

Also coming MONDAY will be Play Cowboy! Time for the kids to take after Bess and have a string of unsatisfactory relationships learn to ride horses and herd that cattle!

(All Play Cowboy Missions HERE)

Then, coming TUESDAY will be Play Mariner! Our kids are going to break free of the dusty plains and rocky outcrops and hit the high seas!

(All Play Mariner Missions HERE)

And finally, WEDNESDAY, it's time for the kids to Play Miner! Hearing Jasper's tales of his time at Prospect Falls has got the kids all ready for finding some precious stuff of their own!

(All Play Miner Missions HERE)

And finally, also on WEDNESDAY will be one last mission, Fanny is so proud of the childrens playtime talents she's decided to get them to put on a play, she just needs us to take care of the costumes!

(Mission details HERE)

And this final mission is the BIG reward, the Animal Hospital Upgrade! Just like the Orchard, this will give you a voucher to use.

A new entry will appear in your Animal Hospital menu...

...which will open up a new upgrade screen with just the voucher in...

Finally we'll see a new free gift crop...

So lets keep the busy and having fun, with an ending to make them feel proud.