Thursday 24 January 2013

The Candymen Can...

The trading brothers Bart and Bert are back in town preparing to get the homesteaders addicted to the sugar rush from their new Candy Shop!

The homesteaders love their sweet treats and you will too when you see all the amazing things the treats can do, because these aren't just ordinary confections, these double up as helpful boosts on the homestead!

As usual, a pop-up will herald the arrival of new stuff!

That new stuff amounts to a five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Candy Shop itself! (All details HERE).

As you build the Candy Shop you'll have the chance, as we did with the Leatherworks and Smokehouse, to craft new sugary boosts to help you out on your homestead!

These will give you boosts ranging from a small boost of energy all the way through to TREBLE Fruit Tree drops! You can see a full guide to all the boosts, how to craft them and what they do HERE!

We'll also get two new crops, one free gift/HS crop and one coin, yes COIN crop!

They'll be in the market next to the new Gummi Bears and Butterscotch Cat, which is also a mission reward.

Finally we'll see not one, but TWO new collections!

Sooo, it's sweety time!