Thursday 26 June 2014

A Troublesome Old Flame-Hair

Someone from Ted's Past has come back to haunt him and we're going to need to do everything we can to help him out!

Yes, just as Ted is getting over the news that Bess is riding for two now he get's thrown back into a naughtier time in his history when an old Flame Silvia decided to pay him a visit with the thoughts of finding some of the treasure they hid together...

...yep, seems our Ted was a pirate, and not in a downloading wax cylinders of music type!

As usual, things will kick off with a popup...

That starts a 5 mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday Mission (all details HERE) along with a 4 step buildable, the new home for Ted and Bess, the Seaside Cottage... well, they can't live in the Animal Habitat or Barn with cubs... I mean kids.

Oh, and and a new Sideboard on the left hand side!

The missions themselves surround tracking down the lost pirate treasure and we do that in a two step healing process.

The first step is to use either Ted's Map Half (coin) or Silvia's Map Half (Horseshoes) and healing them with 3 Map Decoders, which are crafted.

Those can drop one (Ted's) or all three (Silvia's) of some Map Clues... All three of those are then healed with just 6 Wall Post items, the Scallywag Flag...

On healing they'll then drop collection items, goodies and, sometimes, even turn into a permanent decoration with a drop of Vetoes, Pardons and Gold Dust!

There's a new free gift crop, Grog...

and a new collection which is traded in for an item needed in the missions, the Treasure Combination that finally unlocks all the gold in Ted's Treasure Chest!

Oh, and some pirate themed clothing!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get treasure hunting!

Thursday 19 June 2014

With your Musket, Fife and Drum!

Oh lordy, the Old Lady is loose and she's angry, RUN!

All the kids have tried to do is set up some fireworks for the Fourth of July celebrations and Granny's got off her rocker to go off her rocker, as she thinks the kids need to learn some real history about the War of Independence as she remembers it!

So, it's time to take a real trip back in time as Granny takes us all on a flashback to her time in the revolutionary army and tries to knock us all into military shape...

Let's just hope she doesn't take it too seriously eh...?

As usual we have a popup to start.

That will open up a standard 5 mission thread, with a wrapper and a Monday Mission (all details HERE). We'll also get a four step build, the Reenacters Camp... (all details HERE)

From here on out we're going to be doing our part to make the reenactment go smoothly, educate the kids and... well, avoid Granny (you'll see....)

Much of the missions surrounds four new Free Range style animals (only storable) that will be playing their part in her fantasy warfare.

They start out as simple props...

...get fed with either our own feed or (even better) feed sent by neighbours that each counts for 4 tends...

...and turn into one of four animals, each with their own mass of excellent drops!

We will, of course, see a new Free Gift Crop, this time it's the Lima Bean...

...and when we finish the missions we'll get to dress ourselves up in a Blue or Red Coat and a period Tricorn Hat!
So, what are you waiting for it's time to... DUCK! OK, we really need to stop that woman... but for now... RUN!

Thursday 12 June 2014

Mr Jack is going to Washington!

Give the old guy a nice suit and a beard trim, Jack's about to take the next step in his political adventure.

While he prepares for that however he's up to his shoulders in complaints, questions, requests for help, political opponents... all the fun of political fair!

Jack's decided the next step is to take a charge towards turning the homestead into a State in its own right, and if he manages to get it done he's going to stick to his campaign promise of helping players clear out some old missions with his new political power!

Of course, the geezer would be nobody without his trusted advisers like us, so we're going to need to get our own political heads on and help him traverse the dirty world of politics...

As usual, we'll see a popup to start.

This will launch a daily launching series of 8 missions, along with a pair of wrappers, and a a Monday mission (all details HERE). There's no build this time around but there is a small placeable decoration... The Complaints Box.

Inside that will be the mission map for them all, in the guise of Jack's notice board, complaints and all! (Granny seems to be getting increasingly annoyed, this can't be good...)

Along with the missions we'll also get three new injured animals that are all fed using the same items.

One, the Angry Mob is a simple heal and gone...

The others, the Angry Sheep and Mono-Pony have variations...


They're all fed with Influence but, just like Free Range Animals, they'll be easier if we work together to get them finished.

On a basic level, each takes 32 Local Influence that we craft ourselves... but if we combine that with some of Jack's Influence (mission rewards) we can send them to neighbours as a Political Assistance Boost and those count as FOUR tends to the animals.

And now... on to the part you all want to know, old mission help!

During the missions we're going to collect two items, Vetoes and Pardons. They're mission rewards, drops and come from the Collection.

Once we have them we can look out for small Veto and Pardon buttons and use them to clear Wall Post or Direct Request items in missions as Vetoes buy Wall Post items, Pardons buy Direct Requests!

(Check in to Frontierville Express for full FAQs and guides)

They're found directly inside the missions themselves, not in a separate building like the Build-O-Matic, so if you see the little logo, hover over it to see how many you have and click to use one!

Back to the missions themselves, we're getting one new Free Gift Crop, the Brussels Sprout...

...a new badge for sending our neighbours the boosts in this thread...

...a new patriotic clothing item...

...and the aforementioned Collection that gives us Vetoes and Pardons!

So, let's hit the campaign trail and get this community rolling!