Thursday 5 June 2014

Hau`oli la ho`omana`o!

Aloha oukou! It's the Fourth Anniversary of settling down on the homestead and that means it's time for a party!

This year Ted has taken the reins for the celebration and has decided to bring a little tropical flavour to the homestead with a Luau!

We'll be doing our best to help out the intrepid cowboy in his quest to get us all having some islander fun!

As usual, a popup will kick everything off...

This will herald in a 5 mission thread with a Monday wrapper (all details HERE) and a 5 step build, the Luau! (all details HERE)

The whole thread is going to surround getting the party up and running and also playing some tropical games, the first two, which act as injured animals are Climbing Ripe Coconut Trees and Spear throwing games, both of which take 10 of their own feed (info in the missions)

When you complete them they can then drop one of four different Luau Animals... (We'll need all four).

Come Monday we're also going to be playing something a little more... heated!

Yes, we're going to be firewalking! The Coal Bed will be a placeable decoration with a fishing mechanic that involves us walking on coals!
We'll also have some tropical decorations to spread around the stead...

...and some summer holiday clothing for our avatars!

We're going to get two new crops, one a free gift, the Red Pineapple, and one a new coin crop, the Tiki Torch.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your flowery shirt, some leis and a fancy cocktail, `okole maluna! *Drinks*