Thursday 29 November 2012

Get the Decorations out!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...and the Homestead is getting decorated!

Now, anyone who's tried to put a tree up by themselves will know it's a nightmare of a task, and there's nothing better than a good helping hand to get those decos up, so that's what we'll be doing on the homestead this Winter, teaming up to create the most attractive decorations around!

As usual, we'll see a popup to start the whole thing off...

From that will open up four missions (all details HERE) and a medium difficulty three step build (all details HERE), the Holiday Glade...

From here, it's a sort of Prize Animal setup, but with decorations.

We'll have three types of standard decoration and one premium one to choose from.

Once placed you can team up with a neighbour to feed them or go it alone, with each decoration needing 34 Festive Fare to complete. Fare is crafted with 3 Holiday Treats (which drop from the new Ornaments Crop and Jumbo Canes) and 2 Jolly decor (which is requested).

When they're fully grown each can take on one of four different varieties...

Four different gingerbread houses...

Four different trees...

And four different Reindeer, all based on some of Santa's, letting you have Prancer, Dancer, Comet or Cupid!

They'll also be measured as usual, this time for "Festive Spirit" and will be lit up if they come in at over 100.

They'll also go in the Show Pen along with other Prize Storage.

As mentioned earlier we'll see a new free gift crop, Ornaments...

New market items which also come from Mission rewards...

And a new collection!

So, lets get some Christmas cheer and team up to decorate!

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Pigs In Space!

Since time immemorial mankind has looked to the birds with envy and wished for their feet in the sky.

From Icarus and his wax wings to the Wright Brothers rickety wooden chassis, from Leonardo Da Vinci's extravagant flying machines to Howard Hughes' oversized Spruce Goose... we've looked at taking to the air as one of our best and most sought after experiences.

Well, the homestead is no different, and Doc think's he's found a way to give us the rush of airborne travel... Ballooning!

As usual, it's a popup!

That will kick off four missions with two wrappers (all details HERE) and a three (yes, THREE) step build (all details HERE).

The build in question is the Launching Platform, where we'll be experimenting with Doc's balloon ideas and sending a few critters into the air...

They'll be buyable in the market... with Guinea Pigs used first, then the Pigs.

They'll take Balloon Gas to "inflate" which is a request item and available from most brag posts, then take on one of three different styles.

The Guinea Pigs will take 10 each...

...and the Pigs take 15.

The wrapper missions will require finding one of each of the animals on your homestead.

We'll also see a new free gift and premium crop...

...and, of course, a collection!

So let's get pumped up!

Monday 19 November 2012

Going Fourth and Long

Living in a Frontier Town isn't all work and no play, and the homesteaders like to get their game on as much as anyone else.

They've all been hearing about a brand new game sweeping the country, called Pigskin, and everyone (even Granny) want's to give it a go.

But can you get the team prepared well enough to beat the big burly Mountain Men, Pigskin champions? It's time to find out.

As usual things start with a popup...

That kicks off a five mission thread with one repeatable wrapper (all details HERE) and prompts you to place the pigskin park... a four step buildable that continues the storyline along (all details HERE).

Also, as the build goes on we'll be using a new type of injured animal, available in the market, the Cheerleader Sheep! (I find it's best not to think too deeply about putting a sheep in a cheerleader outfit, I think a psychiatrist would have a field day).

These down in the dumps ovines need a little happiness in their lives, which for them is being given their own pompoms to wave!

The pompoms are requested or can be bought in the market.

We'll also see two new free gifts, Turf and Grapefruit trees.

Again, they're also in the market.

So, helmets and pads on, and get set for kickoff!