Thursday 15 November 2012

Smoke 'Em Out

Winter is coming and as any good Squirrel will tell you it's all about making sure your nuts are stored away safe (and no, I don't mean Hank and Jacques...).

On the frontier this means preserving food, and one way to do that is to smoke it... and in the process get some truly helpful boosts.

To learn how to stock up for the winter we're going to need a professional, so it's time to welcome Bess's Dad Cookie back to the homestead on his Chuck Wagon to help us build a Frontier staple, the Smokehouse...

As usual, we'll see a popup.

That will kick off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE).

The build, which will be one of two placeable buildings, is the Smokehouse, a place for us to smoke our food ready to be stored for the winter, and from there also craft the brand new smoked boosts with some awesome rewards.

The boosts unlock as the missions and build are completed and are:

Smoked Cheddar: 40 XP and 10 energy

Spicy Deer Jerky: Grow one animal into an adult and 2000 XP

Smoked Ham: Triple XP, 2x move speed, and fast hands (5 actions per click) for an hour

Buffalo Ribs: Double drops on ALL homestead actions and double XP for an hour

You can see all the crafting details and requirements in our Smoke Boosts guide HERE.

To get some of the items for crafting we now go to the second building for this feature, although this is an instant place, no build needed item, the Hunting Tower.

Yep, it's time to go Huntin'! Once the building is placed it gives a hunting option in it's menu...

To do this we're going to need bullets which are a crafted item requiring two bullet casings which drop from Silver Forges (yup, SILVER, more on that in a moment) or Wheat and Gunpowder, a request item.

Once you have Bullets and the Hunting Option it's time to grab your weapon and BAM!

Now, stepping back a moment to something I'm sure you all saw... yes folks, it's a new forge, this time, it's silver! It'll be on the free gifts page along with another new crop, Bell Peppers, which will be used in the new missions as well.

Finally, the obligatory Collection, which gives a mix of coins, XP, Bullets and Ribs to craft with.

So, let's get smoking...