Monday 5 November 2012

Giving Thanks for Help

There's few worse things than setting up a party and having nobody come... and it's even worse when all your friends are having a big problem!

Your Thanksgiving Party was going to be the biggest shindig on the Frontier but it's in real danger as every guest is suddenly facing a major issue that needs your help to overcome!

Pioneer spirit and togetherness comes to the fore as you help all 10 neighbours solve their problems so they can come to the party!

As usual, it starts with a popup...

This starts off NO BUILD! (Yay) and trips off a thread of 10 daily missions and three wrappers (all details HERE)

Yeah, sorry guys, we have some repeats but before starting too swiftly, check the crafting requirements as these missions are all pretty low on totals! We'll also only have to do the missions, there are NO extra repeats this time to get the right amount of platters for the wrappers.

There's also an excellent new reward to be had at the end of the missions, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Crazy Cornucopia.

This silver decoration has a special party piece, each day, when collected it'll drop premium crops, the ones that usually only come from Free Gifts or Horseshoe crops!

Of course, on that subject we do have a new free gift crop...

...which will be in the market alongside the new tree!

We'll also get a Pile of Leaves as a reward that has a daily bonus to collect on it...

...and can drop something for BOTH new collections, Maize and Maple.

So let's get the party started!