Thursday 1 November 2012

Quilting Preview!

It seems we're going to be getting our homecrafts on in the game as we take up the good old Frontier pastime of Quilt Making!

Each Quilt will be a 16 square, 4x4 quilt which we can create to our own liking from all different colour patches. We have total control over how our quilt looks and what we make it from!

Just pick an area, whack in the patch and away you go!

Each patch will be crafted with a request item and a drop item and be fairly small in requirements, starting at 2 of each type of item and each patch will give a different reward when you collect from your completed Quilt...

Obviously stick with Frontierville Express and we'll have everything you need from mission requirements to crafting requirements and everything in between tomorrow! But hopefully this little tease will wet your appetite!