Monday 29 October 2012

Safely Gathered In...

It's Autumn time and we know what that means, it's time to start gathering in the final crops and prepare for winter.

Of course, what's traditional about this time of year is a good Harvest Festival to show our thanks for what we've reaped, so it's time to start preparing by finishing off the final harvest.

We're going to build ourselves some tools that will help around the homestead and also help us boost our crops up to new heights.

As usual, a popup will kick everything off.

From there we'll get a four mission thread (all details HERE), one "building" build and three tool builds (all details HERE).

The main build will be a new steam powered Combine Harvester.

This will have the added bonus of dropping crop boosts every day including the brand new.... FORGE boosts! Yes, we're finally getting our hands on boosts for Steel and Brass Forges free from a drop.

The more you upgrade the harvester, the better the boosts that drop.

Then, we have three tools to build, all with the same base but with different clearing tools attached, one for Wildflowers, one for Grass, one for Rocks.

(I'm unofficially naming them (bottom to top) Hardnut Goat, Hippie Goat and Stoner Goat)

These are fully useable tools crafted during the missions and all build details are in our guide.

As usual we get a new crop, Asparagus...

...and a brand new collection that will drop from it and the Harvester, which, as a reward, gives Forge Ready Boosts!

Oh, and completing the missions... gives you this awesome Harvest Moon on your homestead... so let's get gathering!