Thursday 18 October 2012

It's a Carve Up

Well, Halloween is nearing and we know what that means, no bumpy orange fruit is safe from the savage slicing of the pumpkin carver...

Granny's going to get her sharpest knife out (tell me THAT'S not a scary thought) and teach us the ancient art of gourd slicing...

As usual, everything will announce itself on our homestead with a popup.

This will kick off a series of five missions (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE)

It will all seem familiar, it's a standard "team up" challenge where we'll be competing to have the best and biggest Pumpkins on the Homestead.

We'll see 5 different pumpkins, and each will have a different design, Traditional, Faces, Animals, Cute and Spooky.

Only the Spooky one is Horseshoes and it's unlikely you'll want to buy any as they'll come as rewards when carving the other Pumpkin types.

As you can see, all the usual mechanics for weighing and scoring are there... is the usual manager screen inside the building.

To grow out Pumpkin we'll need 15 Pumpkin Plumpers, which are made from one request item and one item that will drop on the from Cabbage and....

...the new Free Gift crop.

There's also a coin purchase tree and a premium animal that comes as a mission reward.

So lets get carving...