Monday 1 October 2012

Lost Your Mind


Seems there's been something of an accident while you've been out riding with your spouse... They've got a clout across the noggin from a low branch when their attention was on you.

They're physically ok but are having a bad bout of amnesia which you need to help Doc Auburn solve by giving them lovely reminders of the life they have...

As usual, things will start with a popup...

This will start a wonderfully retro five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE) the Memory Cabinet. This is a small display cabinet where you can store all those lovely mementos of your life together.

Clicking the Memory Cabinet will bring up the Memory Meter, where we can keep track of how we're doing at getting our Spouse's memory back.

There's 9 steps in all, the 5 missions and the 4 build stages.

As with a lot of recent missions we'll end up getting access to a new and sought after boost on completion of the Cabinet, the Spouse Memory Boost that, for 20 minutes, doubles drops from crops and FRUIT TREES!

We'll see one new animal, the Woodpecker Crow, which is a mission and collection reward, and one new free gift crop, the Water Hyssop.

Both of which drop items for the new Collection...

So what are you waiting for? You gotta get that memory back!