Thursday 11 October 2012

Holding Out For A Hero

Oh no! Private Grant, our military Pen Pal, has been injured and needs to recuperate!

Unfortunately he's got nowhere to go to be near his family, so you've offered to build them somewhere to stay together so all his loved ones can be near him while he heals up.

So it's time to get another building project on the go and make sure a Hero and his family are together when they need to be.

As usual we'll see a popup in game...

That will kick off a four step mission (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE).

We'll also see that the sidebar that was Ted stuck up a Rock is now bare land, ready for the house that will grow as the missions are completed.

Completing the missions will also open up a new talent from one of our homestead residents. Doc's Master Healer ability.

Clicking him once a day will drop a FULLY HEALED injured animal on our homestead.

It can be any one of the many animals we've healed over time, which are... (take a deep breath).

White Bobcat, Tree Swallows, Brown Bearcub, Pink Chinchilla, Tan Ferret, Brown, Purple and Yellow Ducks, Yellow or Black Quail, Black Robin, Black Turtle, Burnt Bunny, Charred Chipmunk, Baby Hawk, Wild Pup, Black Mule, Brown Mule, Otter, Pregnant Bunny, Starving Panther Cub, Starving Panther Mum, Starving Stag, Black Deer, White Buffalo and Ugly Duckling.


We'll also see a new crop on the free gift page...

...and some new market items. (All are mission rewards as well, you'll get one without paying.)

So, get your humanitarian trousers on, and lets get building.