Tuesday 30 August 2011

The seven stages of banking...

New Searchable Inventory and Collections!

Yes folks, it's finally coming, a SEARCHABLE INVENTORY! (Seriously, I'm actually excited here...)

After a year of scrabbling through our inventories looking for stuff we'll now, with just a simple few button presses find anything we want to find!

In addition to the wonderful Searchable Inventory we're also going to be getting SEARCHABLE COLLECTIONS!

Yep, if you've spent far too long scrabbling through trying to find the missing item in the Lupin colleciton worry no more, just a quick type and away you go!

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Bank Deposit Items

To get you all excited about depositing your money we thought we'd show you some of the items you'll be able to pick up! These can be found by depositing or by upgrading your bank.


Unless otherwise stated these are all tendable animals.

Blue Bonnet Bantam
Carriage Horse
Rockafeller Rooster
Shih Tzu
Tuxedo Llama


All these can be interacted to spawn items

Affectionate Bear
(Care Package)
Card Shark
(Poker Cards)

Lawn Seeder
Singing Stone
Melancholy Rose


Crates contain decorations, bank items, and usual rewards

Basic Bank Crate
Platinum Bank Crate
Travelling Bank Crate


Standferd Caboose
Victoria Car
Karnegie Car
Rockerfeller Car
Danderbilt Engine

Coffee Tree
(Tendable Fruit Tree)
Grizzly Oak
(Lumber Tree)


Fancy Carriage
Bag of Money
Deposit Here Sign
Gold Bar Stack
Marble Column
Jewelled Bear Statue
Jewelled Eagle Statue
Jewelled Llama Statue
Marble Swimming Pool
Marble Vase

Ornate Gold Chair
Ornate Gold Table
Overflowing Coin Chest
Piggie Bank

XP levels

Coin Deposit 2000 - Bag of Money - XP = 2
Coin Deposit 2000 - Overflowing Coin Chest - XP = 5
Coin Deposit 3000 - Piggie Bank - XP = 7
Coin Deposit 5000 - Ornate Gold Chair - XP = 12
Coin Deposit 7000 - Ornate Gold Table - XP = 17
Coin Deposit 10000 - Tuxedo Llama - XP = 27
Coin Deposit 15000 - Blue Bonnet Bantam - XP = 40
Coin Deposit 20000 - Rocketfeller Rooster - XP = 53
Coin Deposit 25000 - Coffee Tree - XP = 67
Coin Deposit 30000 - Grizzly Oak - XP = 80
Coin Deposit 35000 - Marble Vase - XP = 94
Coin Deposit 50000 - Jewelled Bear Statue - XP = 134
Coin Deposit 75000 - Jewelled Eagle Statue - XP = 200
Coin Deposit 100000 - Jewelled Llama Statue - XP = 333
Coin Deposit 250000 - Marble Column - XP = 833
Coin Deposit 300000 - Fancy Carriage - XP = 1000
Coin Deposit 500000 - Marble Swimming Pool - XP = 1665
Coin Deposit 1000000 - Karnegie Car - XP=3330
Coin Deposit 2000000 - Standferd Caboose - XP = 6660
Coin Deposit 5000000 - Victoria Car - XP = 22400
Coin Deposit 10000000 - Rocketfeller Car - XP = 44800
Coin Deposit 15000000 - Danderbilt Engine - XP = 67200
Coin Deposit 20000000 - Carriage Horse - XP = 115000

Something You Can Bank On...

It's time to scrimp and save in Frontierville as the Homestead's first Bank opens up!

We'll soon be putting those coins of ours to work making deposits and withdrawals from the First Bank of Frontierville... hopefully without them putting all the money to use in bad investments and plunging the Pioneer world into a deep recession *cough*satire*cough*.

It all starts out in the usual way, with a homestead popup and a new series of FIVE MISSIONS:

Once you place the Bank, the traditional building popup with 6 new supplies:

Finish off the bank and the saving fun begins! You can make three transactions a day and if you decide to deposit money you get a special limited edition gift back! For an idea of what you'll be seeing LOOK HERE.

You start off with small scale deposits but can upgrade your bank to make it look nicer and also to open up new options for deposits with better prizes.

Please note we currently do not have an image for Dollar Bank upgrades.
Finally not only can you get a daily bonus from your own bank but you can claim a bonus from your Neighbours bank as well, helping you both out! (Even Jack has one...)

And finally using the bank can get you one of FOUR new collections, one for collecting the daily bonus on your OWN bank, one for collecting from neighbour's banks, one for using the fully upgraded Platinum Bank AND one for planting and harvesting from the new coffee tree, which comes as a prize from the Deposits.

So, we've been asking for this feature for a while now, how do you feel about it? Let us know on our Facebook Page!