Friday 26 August 2011

Get Cooking Those Rations!

You know it's a daddy's job to be nervous about his little girl, even when she's a rough, tough, rodeo-riding, steer-wrangling cowgirl with a military boyfriend and an adventuring spirit.

That's why Bess' Pa, Cookie, wants to send you his best Chuck Wagon to park on your homestead and cook up some rations to make sure his little Bessie is safe and well fed out on that dangerous Pioneer Trail!

This will prompt a chat from Cookie and launch the first of a SIX MISSION THREAD for the wagon.

Once you place the wagon you'll need to complete it with the traditional method of six building materials, all new ones for the Wagon...

Once it's completed and you've finished the third of the Chuck Wagon missions you'll be able to craft rations inside it four times a day AND collect it's daily bonus for more rations.

You have two options, one is mixing one fire with one ground chuck to craft one ration...

Or mix two cornbread with two jalapeƱo peppers for two rations (The peppers will pop up from doing all the tasks on your homestead.

So get yourself cooking up those rations but remember, your wagon can only hold TEN of each type! So don't go wasting no crafting materials.

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