Sunday 14 August 2011

Get Your New Tools On!

Well, we've been asking for it for ages and it seems the Pioneer Trail is going to be giving us what we want!

One of the best things about the Trail is as you accumulate Trail Points it opens up new things in Trader Bart's that can be used on our homestead, including...

...NEW TOOLS! Yes, accumulate enough points to be able to buy the new MULTI PLANTERS (*waits for cheering to subside*), MULTI TREE HARVESTERS and the new MULTI DEBRIS CLEARERS!

We'll also be able to upgrade our current tools to do more!

They each come in three sizes with the bigger ones able to plant or clear more stuff...

So, we've been asking for ages and they listened! What do you think of the new tools, come along to our Facebook Page and let us know!