Sunday 7 August 2011

I like it Vanilla...

Yes folks, we've been teased with it for a while now and it's finally here... the Vanilla Orchid Crop!

This will become unlocked on the completion of The Baker's Rebound Passin' Through mission and be found in the market:

It's similar in coin reward to the normal corn crop that takes the same time to grow but gives better XP and Food returns. However, across the board, it's either the same or worse than the Blue Corn crop.

Once planted harvesting it will pop out the Vanilla Collection (seems quite common from what we can see)...

...which gifts you the Makeshift Bakery decoration. This is just a decoration, not a working building or item.

So, with the common nature of the collection are you happy with the Makeshift Bakery Decoration? Give us your thoughts on our Facebook Page