Friday 12 August 2011

Frontierville renamed "The Pioneer Trail"

Goodbye Frontierville (well the name at least.....)

Hello The Pioneer Trail!
 Zynga have announced that they have decided that the game is about to under go such major changes that they are changing the application name to The Pioneer Trail.

We will need to load a new application to play the game but don't worry folks, your homestead will still be there and your progress will all be saved - you will be able to click on the "Travel" button to head out on the Trail returning to your Homestead any time you like.

OUR WEBSITE WILL STILL BE CALLED FRONTIERVILLE EXPRESS - We do already have the website integrated into this one so nothing will change there. If you want to see Pioneer Trail information specifically you will be able to visit by clicking on the Pioneer Trail signpost that you can see on the right of every page....

What do you think to this everyone? Will it always be Frontierville to you? Are you happy they have decided to change then name? Come and have your say at our FACEBOOK PAGE.