Thursday 4 August 2011

New Feature - Grain Silo

Get a helping hand with your harvesting and unlock a beautiful new crop when you build the new Grain Silo! As the pop up tells us, we could collect crop accelerating and unwither boosts plus other goodies when collect the Silo daily bonus!

After getting the above pop up and selecting "Build Silo" you will place the Silo frame and whack as usual  
(Which will also prompt these TWO MISSIONS

 You will then need these building requirements to finish the Silo 

Once completed you will unlock a new crop - BLUE CORN

I personally love it when we get new crops and this one looks like it gives out more than double XP than the normal corn crop plus more food and coins! It doesn't cost very much more either! Will we ever plant normal Corn again? What do you think? Have your say at our FACEBOOK FANPAGE!