Monday 30 April 2012

Hall For One and One For Hall!

The Frontier was always about exploration, but what's the point of exploring without keeping track of where you find? That's why the pioneer was full of cartographers who made artistic plans of all the most important places of the Pioneer.

Well, one of those is Marco and he's thinking about putting your town on the map, only problem is there's some things your homestead is missing, so with Marco's guidance, let's start adding in those bits you need, starting with a Town Hall!

It starts with the usual popup...

...and a letter from Marco.

That'll kick off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and a three stage building, yep, just three stages and they're not that bad either... (all details HERE)

The Hall and Town Square are small footprint buildings which are fully customisable.

But... here comes the best bit. The Town Hall unlocks a new boost to craft, the Daily Doubler. It's a simple 8 part craft (and the requests are one for one) and is used to reload the Hall's skill...

For the entire two minute duration of the boost and and all building bonuses are DOUBLED, giving you twice as much bang for your buck. Two minutes should be enough for a roll around ALL your buildings!

We'll also see some new market items, two of which are needed for missions...

...and the same two mission items on the free gifts page.

Of course we'll also see the new collection, which drops items needed to craft a Daily Doubler!

And there's more to come, right now the Town Hall is just building number 1, coming soon will be a Clock Tower that will lower the harvest time of EVERYTHING on your homestead, not to mention a final secret building still to come!

So let's start putting ourselves on the map.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Taking the Family Out

As Spring turns to Summer the kids will always want to be out enjoying the sunshine and finding places to play. Only problem is in the wild Frontier that ain't so easy, the safe places ain't fun, the fun places ain't safe so it's not long before your kid gets themselves a bad case of poison ivy.

Granny had a good ol' fashioned remedy for fixin' that right up but the ingredients were all back near where she lived afore she moved out with you. But she has heard of somewhere nearby that's got everything she needs and is a nice safe place for the kiddies to play.

The Hidden Meadow will appear will appear off the bottom left hand corner of the Homestead.Clicking on it will start a four stage building process (all details HERE) and a five mission thread (all details HERE).

The meadow will build up as you track through the story, from finding the Meadow, to healing your child and having a campfire night for the kids!

Each mission from 2 to 5 will need a building stage to be completed, and each building stage needs one material that's given as a reward from the previous mission until it's finally all completed.

 As usual we'll have new stuff to admire. We'll see some new market items...

...and some new free gifts which will be needed to complete the missions.

Interestingly we'll also need the Mixed Tulips, originally a free gift and a Horseshoe purchase. Although this will still be on the free gifts page, it'll also become a coin purchase in the market.

So give your kids a quality family outing...

Monday 23 April 2012

The Long Build Of The Law

There's a criminal on the loose and it's one that the Prospect Falls Sheriff, Mae, knows well, as it's not just an old acquaintance but an old friend turned to a life of crime.

Mae's heard he's on his way, along with his new friends and fellow criminals Amy Steel and the Gratchett Gang that we first met on the Pioneer Trail having kidnapped Ezekiel.

It'll all start off with the traditional popup...

That will kick off a five mission thread (all details HERE) and the start of a four part building (all mission and building crafting details are HERE)

The building will slowly build into a Sheriff Office to keep Mae comfortable as she helps fight crime on your Homestead.

You'll also have the chance to craft the Police staple of donuts to keep Mae going and give yourself energy, the amount depends on the type of donut made.

Plain Donuts give 1 energy
Chocolate Donuts give 3 energy
Cinnamon Donuts give 4 energy
Sprinkled Donuts give 5 energy

Through the missions we'll be introduced to two new crops, Lettuce and Soybeans.

These crops will be on the free gifts page...

...and the market. Unlike previous free gift crops these won't cost Horseshoes per crop, but instead will have a one-off unlocking fee. Like the Snow Crystal crop paying this fee once will unlock the crops as coin purchases forever. Please note, although it says EARLY Unlock, these crops do not unlock during the missions or after.

As rewards we'll pick up the usual types of items and also five brand new animals, some we've seen already teased on the Pioneer Trail fanpage... Deputy Donkey, Billy The Kid, Red Tailed Hawk, Inspector Woolsworth and Mae's own steed.

Finally we'll see a new collection, but don't go overlooking this one, the reward is a building boost!

So get building to welcome Mae, and law and order, onto the homestead.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Prospect Falls Changes

We've now had a number of changes on Prospect Falls as Zynga take on board a number of comments from players.

These will enter the game along with the new Timed Mission that, when finished, give 5 entries into a sweepstakes.

  • All Buildings will be easier to complete
  • The final quests on various threads will be easier to complete.
  • Crop capacity per population will be doubled.
  • Animal limits per population will be doubled.
  • All market prices have been reduced.
  • Redwood Trees will now drop two wood per chop instead of one.
  • Collection items will drop easier to help complete missions.

Stately Storage

You know what... I'm far too excited to leave you waiting for very long, the best part of this story just can NOT be waited on...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with the Stately Estate... the latest building storage building that will, among others, store out of site... the Detective Office!

Yes folks, Finkerton's Big Green Carbuncle is one of the new buildings to slot inside the Stately Estate building which will all start off with the now traditional popup.

That will start a nice gentle three mission thread (all details are HERE) which will include placing and building the four stage Stately Estate (All building details are HERE).

Once fully built the Estate will hold The Flower Shop, Family Park (Baby Shower), School House, Pioneer Pavilion, Holiday Workshop, Jackalope Lodge, Chapel, Saloon, Birch Still and the aforementioned Detective Agency! 

One thing to note is Finkerton does not go indoors, he will be near the Estate or in the middle of your homestead.

During the missions we'll also be introduced to a new crop, Wine Berries (Woohoo, time to get the drinks in! Red or white everyone?) and a new animal, the Pearly Cow (yes, it's a cream cow with a necklace but if you don't say anything, we won't).

And finally, a brand new collection to be had!

So let's get building for even more homestead room!

Monday 16 April 2012

Keep The Kids Entertained

Now the little ones have made their entrance into the world it's time to give them somewhere safe to play and grow, so it's time to build them a nursery, a playroom and a playground!

Well, as we all know, there's little Hank manages to do without our help so lets get the tools out, slip on the sturdy overalls and get ready for another building project!

It'll start as usual with the traditional popup...

Then you'll see, wait for it, that the Anniversary Date area has cleared! Yes, those bothersome Magnolias have all been chopped down to make some room for the kids new area!

We'll now see the area develop through three crafting stages as we build the childrens area... (All crafting details for the build and the missions HERE)

And you'll spot this time nothing is going to grow to block off anything on the homestead (They listened again, I KNOW!) and once the mission thread is finished, the area will clear out leaving it nice and pristine for next time...

We'll work through four missions (details HERE) and the three building stages and will see a bundle of new items including two new market items...

One of which is also a free gift...

Interestingly, in a new twist we'll also get the items we craft during the missions as useable decorations AND tendable animals, so even crafting will give us something we can actually use.

And finally, the collection!

So let's get ready to start building!