Monday 23 April 2012

The Long Build Of The Law

There's a criminal on the loose and it's one that the Prospect Falls Sheriff, Mae, knows well, as it's not just an old acquaintance but an old friend turned to a life of crime.

Mae's heard he's on his way, along with his new friends and fellow criminals Amy Steel and the Gratchett Gang that we first met on the Pioneer Trail having kidnapped Ezekiel.

It'll all start off with the traditional popup...

That will kick off a five mission thread (all details HERE) and the start of a four part building (all mission and building crafting details are HERE)

The building will slowly build into a Sheriff Office to keep Mae comfortable as she helps fight crime on your Homestead.

You'll also have the chance to craft the Police staple of donuts to keep Mae going and give yourself energy, the amount depends on the type of donut made.

Plain Donuts give 1 energy
Chocolate Donuts give 3 energy
Cinnamon Donuts give 4 energy
Sprinkled Donuts give 5 energy

Through the missions we'll be introduced to two new crops, Lettuce and Soybeans.

These crops will be on the free gifts page...

...and the market. Unlike previous free gift crops these won't cost Horseshoes per crop, but instead will have a one-off unlocking fee. Like the Snow Crystal crop paying this fee once will unlock the crops as coin purchases forever. Please note, although it says EARLY Unlock, these crops do not unlock during the missions or after.

As rewards we'll pick up the usual types of items and also five brand new animals, some we've seen already teased on the Pioneer Trail fanpage... Deputy Donkey, Billy The Kid, Red Tailed Hawk, Inspector Woolsworth and Mae's own steed.

Finally we'll see a new collection, but don't go overlooking this one, the reward is a building boost!

So get building to welcome Mae, and law and order, onto the homestead.