Monday 16 April 2012

Keep The Kids Entertained

Now the little ones have made their entrance into the world it's time to give them somewhere safe to play and grow, so it's time to build them a nursery, a playroom and a playground!

Well, as we all know, there's little Hank manages to do without our help so lets get the tools out, slip on the sturdy overalls and get ready for another building project!

It'll start as usual with the traditional popup...

Then you'll see, wait for it, that the Anniversary Date area has cleared! Yes, those bothersome Magnolias have all been chopped down to make some room for the kids new area!

We'll now see the area develop through three crafting stages as we build the childrens area... (All crafting details for the build and the missions HERE)

And you'll spot this time nothing is going to grow to block off anything on the homestead (They listened again, I KNOW!) and once the mission thread is finished, the area will clear out leaving it nice and pristine for next time...

We'll work through four missions (details HERE) and the three building stages and will see a bundle of new items including two new market items...

One of which is also a free gift...

Interestingly, in a new twist we'll also get the items we craft during the missions as useable decorations AND tendable animals, so even crafting will give us something we can actually use.

And finally, the collection!

So let's get ready to start building!