Thursday 26 April 2012

Taking the Family Out

As Spring turns to Summer the kids will always want to be out enjoying the sunshine and finding places to play. Only problem is in the wild Frontier that ain't so easy, the safe places ain't fun, the fun places ain't safe so it's not long before your kid gets themselves a bad case of poison ivy.

Granny had a good ol' fashioned remedy for fixin' that right up but the ingredients were all back near where she lived afore she moved out with you. But she has heard of somewhere nearby that's got everything she needs and is a nice safe place for the kiddies to play.

The Hidden Meadow will appear will appear off the bottom left hand corner of the Homestead.Clicking on it will start a four stage building process (all details HERE) and a five mission thread (all details HERE).

The meadow will build up as you track through the story, from finding the Meadow, to healing your child and having a campfire night for the kids!

Each mission from 2 to 5 will need a building stage to be completed, and each building stage needs one material that's given as a reward from the previous mission until it's finally all completed.

 As usual we'll have new stuff to admire. We'll see some new market items...

...and some new free gifts which will be needed to complete the missions.

Interestingly we'll also need the Mixed Tulips, originally a free gift and a Horseshoe purchase. Although this will still be on the free gifts page, it'll also become a coin purchase in the market.

So give your kids a quality family outing...