Monday 30 April 2012

Hall For One and One For Hall!

The Frontier was always about exploration, but what's the point of exploring without keeping track of where you find? That's why the pioneer was full of cartographers who made artistic plans of all the most important places of the Pioneer.

Well, one of those is Marco and he's thinking about putting your town on the map, only problem is there's some things your homestead is missing, so with Marco's guidance, let's start adding in those bits you need, starting with a Town Hall!

It starts with the usual popup...

...and a letter from Marco.

That'll kick off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and a three stage building, yep, just three stages and they're not that bad either... (all details HERE)

The Hall and Town Square are small footprint buildings which are fully customisable.

But... here comes the best bit. The Town Hall unlocks a new boost to craft, the Daily Doubler. It's a simple 8 part craft (and the requests are one for one) and is used to reload the Hall's skill...

For the entire two minute duration of the boost and and all building bonuses are DOUBLED, giving you twice as much bang for your buck. Two minutes should be enough for a roll around ALL your buildings!

We'll also see some new market items, two of which are needed for missions...

...and the same two mission items on the free gifts page.

Of course we'll also see the new collection, which drops items needed to craft a Daily Doubler!

And there's more to come, right now the Town Hall is just building number 1, coming soon will be a Clock Tower that will lower the harvest time of EVERYTHING on your homestead, not to mention a final secret building still to come!

So let's start putting ourselves on the map.