Monday 2 April 2012

Unlucky Black Cat?

Well, they do say it's unlucky when a black cat crosses your path, but what is it when a flood crosses a Black Cat's path?

Well, we get to find out as, on one of Bess' frontierswoman outings, she discovers a lost Panther, trapped by floods and separated from her cubs, and it's your job to heal them all and reunite them!

The healing and rescuing is done in a set of four missions which are covered in more detail in our missions pages HERE.

Once they're all healed up it seems the wild animals aint so wild... and join your homestead family...

...a new free gift item thats needed for the crafting...

...bringing with them a collection. (Probably best not to ask WHERE the teeth claws and skulls come from...)

So get yer vet gloves on, it's time for more healing.