Thursday 29 March 2012

Feel the Burn...

After hearing all about your ancestors from Granny it's time to get things on the go with the traditional family chilli cookoff between Granny and Angus!

The cookoff will start with the traditional popup wanting you to place the barbecue, and start the steps to finally be able to combine Granny and Angus' chilli recipes into the ULTIMATE chill that, when cooked, will give you a massive 200 energy boost!

The barbecue includes four missions (all details HERE) and four building/crafting stages (all details HERE) to get it to its full glory...

Once it's fully built and Granny and Angus have had their big chilli cook off you get to the most exciting part of the feature, mixing the two types of chilli to craft ULTIMATE chilli, a food so hot it automatically gives you 200 energy points, and you can craft it as often as you like (which will probably be once for the mission then never again, but it's a good IDEA)!

We'll also see a brand new tree, the Olive, a brand new crop, the chilli staple of Kidney Beans, and a brand new animal, the Angus cow that drops sought after Angus beef for the best chilli.

So heat up your tongue and ready your spoons, it's chilli time!