Monday 26 March 2012

Keep In Touch!

Slowly but surely the technical innovations are reaching the homestead and now it's time to find an alternative to the Pony Express!

Sure we all love a letter in our hands but there's also nothing quite like the speed of the electro magiggery that powers the new invention, the telegraph!

The telegraph station is a unique building, we all know there's no point having just one end of a wire so we'll be building two of them, one on the homestead, one in Prospect Falls along with three missions on the homestead (all details HERE) and three missions in Prospect Falls (see all details HERE)

Each requires three stages of build, firstly the homestead (Nickel Ore comes from rocks, Pine from Pine):

And also Prospect Falls (Copper Ore comes from rocks, Redwood from Trees).

But, what can it do, I hear you ask?

Well, the Telegraph stations both give some pretty nice rewards as you collect them each day. On the homestead they range from crops to meals and even mystery animals, and in Prospect Falls it includes Determination and Pure Water!

Best of all, finish 5 days bonuses in a row in both places and get a MEGA-bonus from a few things including a raging buffalo, a crazy cake and some all new spangly boosts for PROSPECT FALLS, including a PF fast hands and a PF Redeye!

We'll also see the Cateloupe Crop, the return of the Spicebush, this time in Prospect Falls and a new and  Gold Generator (an animated decoration)... Plus of course the obligatory Collection.

So lets hit a new age of technology, and start talking, almost instantly across the miles!