Monday 12 March 2012

It's Naming Time!

It's time to give Fanny and Hank another hand on the road to a perfect family life, this time with that oh so important task, naming that little Fun-Size Fanny or Mini-Hank.

It's time to build the perfect little Baby Wagon and pick which names you think are the best, then give Fanny and Hank a little hand around the homestead to convince them you know best.

The first steps are to build the Baby Wagon the sprog will get to spend their time in. The wagon has three levels of build to get it as perfect as it can be.

You'll also be asked to pick one girls name, and one boys name (as we don't know the sex of the rugrat just yet).

While this is going on we'll see a set of two overview missions and 6 game missions, three for Hank, three for Fanny.

Completing those missions will do two things, firstly they'll work towards choosing the name of the child, secondly you'll get baby ribbons to spend in the special market on new items, including a rideable bicycle, two sacks of letters that unpack so you can write messages on your homestead and an unlock of a brand new crop!

The letters from the sack in action!

We'll also see a brand new crop, the Baby Carrot, which will be on the free gifts page.

So get your fingers flexing and get your votes in for your favourite names!