Wednesday 14 March 2012

Relative Enjoyment

You've been havin' all sorts of fun with your brother Jasper lately but what abouts the rest of the family?

Well, Granny's decided, as the matriarch of the family to hold a family reunion and everyone's been running hither and thither to get it organised.

Only one thing though, ya kid's never met most of the family and you've been too busy to tell and family tales so Granny's decided to sit the lil one down and talk 'em through your family tree...

There's no buildable for this feature, just a five mission thread reachable either via the button on the right hand side or by clicking on Granny herself...

...That'll bring up the missions and crafting window. See all the mission details HERE and all the crafting details HERE.

We'll see a number of new things in the missions that will either be in the market...

...or in the free gifts section in the case of the new lumber tree, the willow!

So get sat down and get those stories rolling to complete the family tree!