Monday 19 March 2012

Craft-a-thon for Trades

Well, we all know the Railroad was (and IS) used for transporting large amounts of goodies, so why not take advantage of our own to get some trading done with the Cities?

It'll all start with a popup prompting us to build a Barter Depot, the new building that will handle all the crafting and requesting through the mission thread (and there is a fair bit)

This Depot will have four build stages, as each one is upgraded you open up more crafting. Please note, you will be able to have three of these if you want to push your crafting to the max and you will be REQUIRED to have two fully upgraded for one of the missions.

Inside you'll have up to four pages (depending on level) of items that will be "bartered", read crafted, to use during the mission thread.

Some items will come from the homestead, others will be requested from friends, more others will be crafted in the normal way and some will have been crafted from previous steps in the Depot...

Each crafting item from the Depot will have a time limit that can be bought off with horseshoes.

There will be a number of different rewards including crates that can contain special items...

...and a Victorian house... which strangely we have to build using items crafted in the depot (Think of it like getting some Lego for being good, albeit Lego where you have to make the bricks yourself from a bucket of melted plastic and some moulds.)

Finally we'll see some new market items, one crop, one animal and one lumber tree...

...and a brand new collection.

So, time to get those crafting gloves on again...