Thursday 1 March 2012

Build The Iron Horse!

We've got ourselves a pair of sparkley steel rails... We've got ourselves a big fancy railway station... But there's something, well, missing?

That's right folks, we're not going to leave brother Jasper scooting up and down those tracks on his little cart, it's time to build us a big ol' proper train to ride those rails!

When you accept the popup it'll start a four mission thread (all details HERE) and, I'm afraid to say a fair bit of crafting that will see us creating a Train, piece by piece (see all crafting details HERE).

The train gets built in five stages next to the current railway station...

We'll also see a number of new additions in the market that will be used during missions.

Any that are Horseshoe purchases will either be on the free gift page...

...or found during missions!

So it's time to make that final thing we need to have a REAL railroad going... the Train!