Tuesday 28 February 2012

Invest In Your Future!

We've had premium items before, the Rejuvenation Plant and the Energy Windmill for example, but how many of them have offered to give your Horseshoes back... with interest!?

Say hello to a new breed of flora on the homestead, Frutex Solea Ferrea and Nemus Solea Ferrea, or to give them their common names, the Horseshoe Bush and Horseshoe Tree.

Although expensive, these fine additions to any landscape are known far and wide for their ability to fruit horseshoes once a week, always giving back more than you've paid for it!

In fact, after one year the return is guaranteed to be TWICE what you put in, the Bush costs 260HS but will drop (in weekly batches of 10) 520HS...

...and the Tree which COSTS 520HS will, in the course of 52 weeks, drop a magnificent 1040HS!

In fact, if you buy Horseshoes and there's a 50% discount, you're even looking at a 4-times return on your investment!

We know this won't suit some folks who like their gratification with a little more "instant" but there's not many legal ways to get that kind of payoff, so if you've got yourself the shoes... a little addition to your garden may pay off big time.

[Disclaimer: This is not for the impatient or hedonistic.]