Tuesday 21 February 2012

Celebrating the Bun in Fanny's Oven

Well, it's fair to say Fanny's looking quite a bit... rounder these days (apparently the gestation period for Baby Hank's is the same as your average gerbil) so it's probably time for all the Frontier gals to gather round and hold Fanny a Baby Shower!

Unfortunately, as usual, it seems up to you to make sure things go smoothly or face the wrong end of Granny's wrath, so we know what that means.

Steel yourself, keep a tight grip on the shopping list Bess and Granny have given you and get to work trying to plan a baby shower for the ages... *Examines the shopping list* and apparently a baby shower with a few hundred guests...

It all starts off by placing the Family Park, which just needs one whack to get ready, no building supplies needed.

Once that's done you'll be given all the planning tasks for Fanny's Baby Shower, kicking off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and a set of crafting tasks (all details HERE)

The missions will even give you another chance at some of those limited edition Yosemite items with the new Baby Shower Animal Crate containing Bighorn Sheep, Mink or Bobcat and the Flower crate which can hold Baby Blue Eyes, Alpine Lily or Yellow Sneezeweed.

 So get your work boots on and celebrate the pitter patter of coming little feet!